TIFF 2010: Pack Some Raid! Bedbugs Reborn Thanks to Recent Infestations

With the Toronto International Film Festival gearing up for business a startling discovery has been made to get you a bit itchy! And of course … with real life problems come movie ideas!

According to The Hollywood Reporter a long and hot summer in Toronto has led to a citywide fight with the resilient beasties known as bed bugs. Apparently the blood sucking pests have infested the Scotiabank Theatre where the event is held and as a result the festival’s programmers are going on the defensive to ensure the non-itchy success of the Sept. 9-19th event.

“Before bed bugs becomes today’s meme: We’re on it, we’re talking to Cineplex and are planning for an itch-free (festival),” said TIFF co-director Cameron Bailey after pest control was apparently summoned to the rescue.

In other bed bugs related news, THR also reports that “years ago, New Line was developing a horror movie titled Bedbugs,” picking up a spec script in 2004 from writer Carter Blanchard. It told the tale of a small town infested with a species of killer bugs that come at night and burrow inside a person, killing from the inside. New Line eventually put the project into turnaround, giving the rights back to producers Beau Flynn and Tripp Vinson of Contrafilm. With all the hullaballoo this summer about bed bugs, Contrafilm is in the process of reactivating the project.”

Kinda just gives ya the heebies doesn’t it?

TIFF 2010: Pack Some Raid! Bedbugs Reborn Thanks to Recent Infestations

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