They Call Him Mr. Halloween

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Mr. Halloween!Fall, 2003, sleepy Sauquoit, New York. Multiple disappearances have sent the parents into a panic. Their children are at risk every day…

It doesn’t help that the police don’t seem to care at all. They say that they’re “On the case”, but they don’t even have a suspect… But the children do.

There’s a legend around town, the legend of Mr. Halloween… A recluse who runs the local haunted house on Halloween. It is said that he uses real body parts for his attraction.

Now, after getting entangled in the local legend, a group of friends are torn apart and must fight for their lives. They must face the wrath of…


Ah, Mr. Halloween; not a masked wrestler from the early Eighties, but a new microbudgeted slasher flick set for a summer DVD release. What are the odds that the slasher in a movie called Mr. Halloween, a slasher who from the looks of the trailer dresses like Michael Myers, would be played by a guy with the last name of Loomis? Coincidence? Check out the trailer on the film’s MySpace page and tell me the guy playing the title character doesn’t look like the evil cult leader from Manos, the Hands of Fate dressed like Michael Myers. And what the heck is up with that music at the end of the trailer? Sounds like an Atari 2600 video game locked up.

All joking aside, the trailer doesn’t look too shabby given the movie was made for reportedly under ten grand, I do believe. Mr. Halloween was written and directed by Andy Wolf. The title role is indeed played by a guy named Bill Loomis, and I’m going to assume at some point he wears the mask spotlighted on the DVD artwork. The film apparently got a decent reception when it premiered recently. We’ll find out for ourselves soon enough.

York Entertainment will be releasing Mr. Halloween onto DVD on July 17th. Good luck finding it in video stores. I couldn’t tell you the last time I actually saw a York Entertainment DVD on a video store shelf, at least one that wasn’t some religious film or crime drama geared toward “urban” audiences. The last time I picked up a York Entertainment DVD release, it didn’t even have a menu screen or chapter selections, let alone extras. The Mr. Halloween DVD will supposedly feature a commentary track and behind-the-scenes feature. That also remains to be seen.

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