Horror Maestro Fabio Frizzi KILLS in Austin, Texas! More Dates THIS WEEK!

Legendary horror maestro Fabio Frizzi opened his American tour last night in Austin, Texas, to a packed house and rapturous applause.  This was history, people.  And it was gory and glorious.

This was his first-ever live performance of an expanded and revised score to THE BEYOND, and the fans got a hell of a show for their money.


The VIP attendees were even able to purchase lots of amazing, tour-only memorabilia, including rare FULCI COMICS and a complete live double CD album of last year’s live Austin performance, just released on BEAT Records!

It’s called FRIZZI 2 FULCI: UNDEAD IN AUSTIN and it’s a killer disc set, kids, featuring all of Frizzi’s classic horror, sci-fi and western hits, performed live in the same venue!


Frizzi brings the horror with his full traveling band, performing the classic score with an all new modern edge.

But you want details, right?  How was last night’s show?  What’s different?  Well, for starters, Frizzi has totally re-imagined the score of THE BEYOND. This may be a bit jarring at first to some who are used to the original version, but trust me, guys… you have got to hear this.  It’s totally reverent to the original in overall style and tone, preserving the cues you know and love, but a new beating heart has been worked into the mix. Frizzi’s main addition is a beautifully tragic motif that plays off the cruel, man-is-a-monster overtones of the film’s opening crucifixion sequence.

This new music then combines with the more familiar cues as the film progresses, spiraling into something truly unique and fascinating. The older, more well known themes have been revised, expanded, and re-spotted to create a fully immersive experience, as the band plays live to an all new HD remastered version of the movie, in which only dialogue and sound effects remain from the original audio tracks.  Frizzi and his crack squad of musical badasses provide the new score, and it’s a mind-blowing thing, filled with live vocals, virtuoso performances, stunning solo work and an attention to detail far beyond other “live score” events.  It’s really a totally new way of hearing and experiencing THE BEYOND, a wildly ambitious and technically challenging slam dunk from one of horror’s most legendary composers, as he comes back to a film over 30 years old and finds a vibrant, passionate, and darkly gorgeous new emotional life in it.

No shit, guys.  Frizzi gets after it.


Frizzi conducts his revised BEYOND score in Austin, sporting very tasteful evening attire!

The Austin show was live in a GOTHIC DOWNTOWN CHURCH, the eerily appropriate venue where he landed last year with the same band, and these guys seemed to slip into the groove like old ghosts haunting a familiar mansion.  We Eibon Press guys were on hand as well, offering fans a rare chance to buy FULCI COMICS at the merch tables, including some advance copies of LUCIO FULCI’S ZOMBIE #2!  (That mind-blowing issue will finally be available through Eibon come October 7!  The band kept asking where they could get copies after they sold out! END SHAMLESS PLUG.)  The crowd sat in awed silence throughout the entire performance, then burst into a standing ovation which lasted almost four minutes.

And, of course, he dedicated the whole thing to Lucio Fulci.


The audience clapped so long that the band started clapping back at them!

Never one to leave his audience wanting, Fabio then quickly launched into a twenty-minute encore set, performing a suite from MANHATTAN BABY (his favorite horror score) and his newly revised music for Lamberto Bava’s classic DEVIL FISH, also available on vinyl in the lobby as a tour LP!  Hot damn, huh???


Frizzi’s amazing Goblin-style prog rock band, filled with brilliant young musicians playing real instruments and  state of the art keyboards emulating old school sounds.


VIP ticket holders got to see the live score sound check also!

Only a few performances of THE BEYOND remain on this LIMITED TOUR, so if you live ANYWHERE NEAR ONE OF THESE CITIES, do what you gotta do, man.  Hop a train, steal a car, stick a fucking thumb out and hitchhike–but do not allow this to come and go without witnessing it with your own eyes and ears. It’s just that special, people.

The remaining dates are:

San Diego (Sept. 29)
San Francisco (Sept. 30)
Los Angeles (Oct. 2)  This one is extra special, featuring the full BEYOND live score and LOTS of other cool extra stuff.  Word on the street is that you should NOT. MISS. THIS.
Portland (Oct. 3)
Seattle (Oct. 4)
Chicago (Oct. 6)

Come see this, folks!  It’s a rare chance to witness something truly historical that will never happen again!

Viva Frizzi!


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