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Sean Carley's Bed Bugs (click to see it bigger!)The weather’s turning warmer; why bother going outside and getting all hot and sweaty when you can stay in and screw around on Dread Central all day, especially now that our Broadband section just keeps getting better and better?

As you already know if you’re a regular reader of this site, everyone involved in Dread Central is a big supporter of indie horror, short films being among our favorites. When it came time for us to write up our lists of the Best of 2006, Sean Carley’s 17-minute skeeve-fest, Bed Bugs, came out near the top of mine. Which makes me all the more proud and happy to announce that Sean has graciously allowed us to post Bed Bugs (review here) in our Broadband section. Just one word of warning before you click here to watch the film: Make sure your sheets are clean before you go to sleep tonight! Then, once you’re finished with that chore, head on over to the Bed Bugs MySpace page and tell them how creeped out you are.

And as mentioned yesterday, we also recently added Patrick Rea’s Emergency Preparedness to the site. Click here to check it out, and while you’re at it, poke around a bit to see what else is lurking in the Broadband area that you may have missed.

Debi Moore

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