Astro Noir: The Fixers Character Artwork and Series Teaser

Pulp styled, animated web series “Astro Noir: The Fixers” has released a teaser video and some character profiles offering the first look at the concept art by creator Jason Heath. Starring Deneen Melody, Kitsie Duncan, and Brian Shirley, “Astro Noir” takes us back to take us forward!

The Fixers are a group of fugitives with shadowy pasts, both legal and not.

Working for a secret arm of the Galactic Intelligence Service, they handle the problems that fall between the cracks of the system. The G.I.S. Grand Director offered them full pardons if they were able to complete the missions he gave them. The only problem is that no one can know they are working for the side of the law.

Now they travel the galaxy, helping those who can’t help themselves.

A blend of 60’s retro-futuristic style meets horror related situations, the stories will be told in 8-minute episodes. Along with the video, below you’ll find artwork and descriptions for the three main characters. Things should kick off later this fall so keep your eyes on the official “Astro Noir: The Fixers” website for more!

Anara is leader of The Fixers. Strong yet elegant, Anara works to make amends for past mistakes.
Astro Noir: The Fixers Series Teaser

Valkira is independent and loyal, but her temper can get her into trouble at times.
Astro Noir: The Fixers Series Teaser

G.T. is the mechanical genius that keeps the Zephyr in operational order, along with everything else he can get his hands on! G.T.’s past experience with security systems & bank vaults landed him his job.
Astro Noir: The Fixers Series Teaser

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