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Evil By Evil(click to see it bigger!)We recently got an e-mail from some French filmmakers directing us to check out their new horror project Evil by Evil. Here’s a brief synopsis: “After one of their friends gets killed, three young people decide to make the killer suffer and pay back. But in order to fight evil, you must bring another evil…

It’s not a bad short film that you can see over at Evil By Evil’s MySpace page. Watching some random photographer being chased by a guy who looks like Bub The Zombie was a joy. The camera work and even the black & white gore also worked really well. If these guys can follow through with the same quality shown in this five-minute clip, I predict a lot of satisfied horror fans.

And while we’re on the subject of shorts, Patrick Rea’s Emergency Preparedness was recently added to the Dread Central Broadband section. Click here to check it out, and visit Patrick’s official site here!

Kryten Syxx

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