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Attack of the Super Monsters on DVDIf ever there was proof that everything and anything is getting released to DVD these days, the announcement that Attack of the Super Monsters will soon be permanently enshrined on digital media is surefire proof of it. If you’ve never even heard of Attack of the Super Monsters, then this DVD is a must-see for you, especially if you like Japanese monster movies and Inframan-level insanity.

Attack of the Super Monsters, originally released in 1982, is actually a badly English dubbed movie compilation of the first four episodes of a low budget Japanese TV show from 1977 called “Dinosaur Wars Aizenborg” that was produced by Tsuburaya, the folks responsible for “Ultraman”. This was not one of their prouder productions.

Thought the dinosaurs were extinct? Wrong! They just burrowed deep into the earth where they’ve been living undetected all this time, evolving into talking super monsters. Now they’ve decided to reclaim the surface world for their own and that’s bad news for us humans, in particular those living in Japan. Under the leadership of Emperor Tyrannus, a talking T-Rex that bark commands like “Attack! Kill! Destroy!”, the super monsters surface and declare war on mankind. The only thing standing in their way is Gemini Command, a Thunderbirds-ish quartet that includes a brother-sister tandem who can combine to form a single super-powered being, great for vanquishing giant talking rubber monsters.

As if the premise alone weren’t wacky enough, the whole thing is brought to life through a combination of animation, suitmation, miniatures, and puppetry – all rather crude even for its time. The sight of man-in-suit monsters laying waste to model cities while cartoon civilians flee for their lives or animated characters ride around inside a model attack vehicle waging war with puppet monsters is a sight to behold.

The chintzy production values, combined with the simply atrocious English dubbing and the virtually incoherent narrative that just keeps throwing stuff at you with little rhyme or reason, results in a positively surreal experience that will either amuse the schlock lover in you or give you a massive headache.

The MVD Entertainment Group will be releasing Attack of the Super Monsters (previously only available in the form of a hard-to-find VHS version that wasn’t of the best quality due to having been released in EP format) on June 5th with a SRP of $14.95.

Now one big complaint: Is that really the best cover art they could come up with? As bad a five-minute Photoshop job as I’ve ever seen. Heck, I’ve seen street corner movie vendors with better cover art on their bootlegs.

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