Do You Fear… The Muffin Man?

The Muffin ManI’d been following the progress of Blaine Wasylkiw’s Canadian horror comedy – I’m assuming it’s also a comedy given the film’s premise – entitled The Muffin Man, the terrifying tale of the serial killer owner of a donut shop that returns from the grave in the form of a murderous monstrosity with the head of a muffin. I’m sure that some of you are dying to know more and the rest of you are mere moments from clicking away to another link, if you haven’t done so already. For those of you that are amused by the concept, here’s the full synopsis for The Muffin Man:

“Summer is over, the day-olds are a day older, and its business as usual at the struggling donut shop on Drury Lane. Chad, Jane, and the rest of the staff have no idea that the shop’s former proprietor – serial killing baker, Desmond Bailey – is about to return to the scene of his original crimes. Deformed, enraged, and possessed by a malicious demon, Bailey is more dangerous than ever. It’s up to Hank, the grizzled detective who ended the baker’s first killing spree, to convince the staff of the imminent danger. Will they heed his warnings before it’s too late, or suffer a delicious demise at the hands of the menacing murderer with a massive muffin for a head? The heat is on, the timer is set, and a new evil is on the rise!”

Now the million dollar question arises: Will this be better or worse than The Gingerdead Man (review)? Seeing as how I seem to be one of the only two people on the planet that thoroughly enjoyed The Gingerdead Man (Charles Band apparently being the other), the concept of another pastry-themed mutated maniac brings a smile to my face. We’ll all be able to find out soon enough. You can now pre-order the The Muffin Man DVD through the film’s official website. They haven’t listed a specific release date, but I’m assuming it’s imminent. Extras include:

• Three audio commentaries
• 30 minutes of making-of footage
• Auditions
• Intro by Troma’s Lloyd Kaufman
• Photo gallery
• Easter eggs
• DVD-ROM features: MP3 files, screenplay

Three audio commentaries and a 30-minute making-of feature for a film that I’m under the impression clocks in well under an hour? Well, you can’t say you’re not getting your money’s worth for the $9.95 price tag.

I’m sure it will come as no shock to any of you that I’ve already ordered my own copy. I look forward to getting a look at this Muffin Man; the filmmakers have kept the actual look of the title character a secret, which I assume is why there’s no trailer online.

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