Machete Maidens Hack Their Way Into Theaters!

Mark Hartley’s Not Quite Hollywood was one of my favorite films of last year for the hilarious and fascinating peek it provided into the Australian exploitation genre. And now Hartley has his sights set on another rich and exploitative location: the Philippines.

According to Facebook Hartley’s Machete Maidens Unleashed! is the first detailed examination and celebration of Filipino genre filmmaking – a world where stunt men came cheap, plot was obsolete and the make-up guy was packin’ heat!

From the early ’70s well into the ’90s, the Philippines was a back-lot for a bevy of renegade B-movie makers and cinema visionaries alike. The country was utilized for its inexpensive labor, exotic locations and distinct lack of rules. A tidal schlock-wave of genre work emerged that somehow managed to capture the raw, chaotic energy of contemporary Filipino culture. These productions (a cavalcade of monster movies, jungle prison movies, blaxploitation and kung fu hybrids) were miraculously made at a time when the country’s political situation was repressive at best. But this was a revolution that even the Marcos dictatorship couldn’t crush!

No word yet on Stateside distribution, but we’ll keep you posted!

Machete Maidens Hack Their Way Into Theaters!


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