Monster Squad Cover Art!

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Monster Squad(click to see it bigger!)I miss kids’ films from the 1980s. What happened during the last twenty-some years that caused all coming of age films to be tamed down? Remember the time when Frankenstein’s monster would spy on naked girls and the Wolfman would get kicked in the nards by youngsters? I miss those peaceful days of long ago when little fat kids would blow away menacing aquatic creatures with shotguns.

All those memories came flooding back today thanks to DVD Empire teasing us with the first look at Monster Squad‘s 20th Anniversary Edition DVD cover art. It may not be the same as the VHS and bootleg art we’ve come to love over the years, but it still kicks ass. Personally, I would have rather gone for a black & white picture of Horace with a shotgun for the DVD, but what are ya gonna do?

The two-disc set isn’t due until the 24th of July, but it should be well worth the wait. Hell, we’ve waited how many years so far? What would help ease the wait a little is solid info on the extra features packed into the set. Earlier this week those details were released on Fangoria, but they were quickly taken down and we’ve since learned that they weren’t 100% official or complete yet, but I’m sure we’ll be hearing what is very soon. When those specs are announced via Lionsgate, we’ll let all you fiends know.

Kryten Syxx

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