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10 Most Underrated Horror Movies to Watch Right Now



Great horror movies have a tendency of flying under the radar. Though many masterpieces have rightfully gained their place in the pantheon of exceptional cinematography, horror is not for everyone, and as such, many gems lie hidden for year and years. This list will highlight some of these hidden jewels, both old and new.

Be warned; this is not the usual “Best Halloween movies on Netflix” type of article. Many of these stories can be quite brutal or disturbing. Others might seem a bit dull if you’re only in it for the jump-scares or the gore, but trust us when we say that a true horror movie fan will definitely enjoy them.


1.      Session 9 (2001)

Session 9 is perhaps one of the most popular underrated horror stories out there. It’s a very cerebral horror movie that relies more on its atmosphere to induce a sense of dread in its audience. The gorgeous lighting makes it all the more unnerving since it seems to flaunt every single horror movie rule in the book. Everything is calm, still, and peaceful and dreadfully wrong.

2.      Suspiria

Legendary director Dario Argento claims the visual inspiration for the movie came from Walt Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. The plot of the movie involves an aspiring ballerina, who goes to prestigious ballet school in Freiburg. She soon discovers the school is not what it appears to be. There might be a remake in the works, though Argento himself is not very enthusiastic about the project.

3.      REC (2007)

Audiences might be more familiar with the American remake, Quarantine (2008), of this Spanish movie. Quarantine is definitely a movie worth watching, but the devil is in the details. At first glance, REC is a typical zombie outbreak tale, complete with government conspiracies and society slowly disintegrating into chaos. But what makes this movie unique is that it focuses on the very first moments of the zombie outbreak, rather than fast-forwarding, as many zombie movies do, months in the future.

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