Zombie Self-Defense Force, GO!

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Zombie Self-Defence Force(click to see it bigger!)I’ve never been good at summing up Japanese films before so let us take a look at what the Fantasia Festival site had to say about a strange title called Zombie Self-Defense Force: “Everything changes … when a UFO crashes and releases some form of strange radiation. Confusion turns to sheer terror and the grim, blood-soaked will to survive when the dead rise and attack the living in a mindless cannibalistic frenzy! Soon, the soldiers and a handful of civilians are holed up in a secluded hotel, surrounded by the zombie hordes.”

Twitch Film has three clips up from Zombie Self-Defense Force (aka Zombie Jieitai). After all the bad low-budget student films I’ve sat through over the past year, this was actually kind of refreshing. Zombie Self-Defense Force retains that same overall feeling caused by a lack of funding, but the zombie action and gore shown in the clips easily overpower the negatives. When was the last time you got to break up with your girlfriend because she turned into a zombie?

Sadly, the DVD has yet to have a U.S. release though subtitle-less Region 2 discs have been out for a while. When we find out more info on the title making it to these shores, we’ll let you know.

Kryten Syxx

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