Good Luck Escaping THIS Corn Maze in October!

Good Luck Escaping THIS Corn Maze in October!Cornfields are always a terrible place to be in a horror film. Once the sun goes down, it goes from a fixture of American agriculture to a scene of horror haunted by deranged pagan children, murderous scarecrows come to life, or, as in the case of the October DVD release The Maze, a corn maze becomes the perfect stalking grounds for a psychopathic slasher.

Monarch Entertainment will release The Maze to DVD on October 19th just in time for Halloween. Steve Shimek, maker of the 2008 low budget fantasy flick Dragon Hunter, directs The Maze starring Shalaina Castle, Brandon Pearson, Clare Niederpruem, Kyle Paul, Tye Nelson, Luke Drake, Richard Dutcher, Sarah Kent, Adam Johnson, and Marty Steinberg from a script by first-time writers Katy Baldwin and Timothy Gutierrez.

Five friends break into a corn maze in the middle of the night and decide to play a harmless game of tag. Little do they know that a psychopathic killer has decided to play along. As they wander aimlessly through the maze, the murderer follows closely behind — taunting them and watching every move. The game turns deadly when the kids decide to separate and weaken their chances of survival. When the mutilated body of the owner is found, they realize that something is terribly wrong.

As they race to the entrance of the maze, the psycho cleverly forces them to follow the path that he wants. Manipulating everyone to his vicious will, the slasher taunts his victims and leads them further into the depths of the maze. After enduring hours of torture, will anyone make it out of the maze … alive?

And just who is this killer stalking and killing them? It appears to be Little Red Riding Hood’s homicidal kid brother. Seriously, from what I see in the trailer below, this killer may be the shortest movie slasher there’s been aside from Leprechaun.

Extra points for the whoever cooked up The Maze‘s DVD artwork that makes it look like Rob Zombie’s Halloween has wandered onto the set of a Children of the Corn movie.

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