Images and Artwork: New Web Series – Throwing Stones

Another web series has caught our eye, and when that happens, it’s our sworn duty to point you in its horror-filled direction. Get ready to see what happens when teens in peril start “Throwing Stones”.

Producer Bart Van Bemmel dropped us a line with the following info:

“THROWING STONES is an upcoming 5-part teen horror web series that just finished filming in Dallas, Texasm and stars LINDSAY SIEDEL (The Final), CHERAMI LEIGH (The Mist, Fast Food Nation, HBO’s Temple Grandin), REBEKAH KENNEDY (upcoming horror features House Hunting, Blood is Blood), KAYLA CARLYLE (From the Dark), CHAD COX (Powder, ER, The Good Guys) and more.

The concept of Throwing Stones derives from the sociologist theory on broken windows. A broken window is left unfixed in a neighborhood; it signals to that community it’s acceptable for that type of behavior to take place. These ideas compound until the neighborhood becomes decayed and unable to achieve its past grandeur. Now apply the theory to schools and replace broken windows with broken students, and now you have one hell of horror ride as the antagonist eliminates the unacceptable element that walk the halls of Blair High School.

Our target release date is the end of the year. We’re eying several media outlets such as Comic-Cons, Horror Fests, the Web, etc. We’re hoping this project stirs up enough interest for people to either demand a Season 2 (because Season 1 definitely leaves you hanging), perhaps someone will want to pick up the web series, or want to make the feature film which the web series is based on.”

Sounds pretty nifty, no? For more on the project check out the official “Throwing Stones” Facebook page and visit the “Throwing Stones” Web Production Blog here. Enough chatter; check out some stills and the artwork below. Look for more soon!

When a group of high schoolers have to attend Saturday School, they must work together to overcome their differences in order to survive when students end up missing.

Images and Artwork: New Web Series - Throwing Stones

Images and Artwork: New Web Series - Throwing Stones

Images and Artwork: New Web Series - Throwing Stones

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