Guillermo del Toro + THQ = Video Game Bliss

Guillermo del ToroSo Maybe Guillermo del Toro isn’t directing The Hobbit (boo), but if the word on the jungle gym is true, he’ll be doing something even MORE epic … video games!

That’s right, my little horror gamer darlings! After the Pan’s Labyrinth director told MTV that he was about to announce a “big deal with a big company and make games that will be technically and narratively very interesting“, del Toro himself did not reveal the name of said company, but it was soon confirmed to the LA Times by “people in the know” that that name is THQ.

THQ, best known for WWE, Pixar, and Nickelodeon ‘kid-friendly’ titles, has recently been focusing on more games for adults, hence the land grab for del Toro. THQ has also inked a deal with SyFy to turn their popular franchise Red Faction into a live-action TV movie that we’ll see in 2011.

Apparently, THQ’s Executive V.P. of Core Games, Danny Bilson (co-writer of Disney’s The Rocketeer and co-creator/exec producer of 90’s television show “The Flash”), is spearheading the effort to make sure del Toro seals the deal and del Toro himself has said it should happen in the next few weeks. But until then THQ isn’t saying shit about anything else … but we all know … and are EXCITED!

I am seriously giddy.

Crix Lee

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