First Look at BloodRayne 2 Teaser

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Bloodrayne 2 pic!Wow, what is becoming of this strange, strange world we inhabit? Uwe Boll’s shot-on-the-cheap BloodRayne 2: Deliverance is actually making its debut at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival? Does that mean Cannes is lowering its standards or Boll’s movie is actually good? And really, does it matter?

We have a very lengthy chunk of plot to share with you, but instead of boring you with the details, allow me to give you just the highlights: Deliverance is the quietest town on the frontier. All of that is about to change …. Led by Billy the Kid (Zack Ward), a hoard of evil cowboys goes on a rampage, slaughtering townspeople and rounding up children.

Sounds exciting so far, right? But wait there’s more! Behind the decimation of Deliverance is the diabolical and out of control Billy the Kid. A 357-year old Transylvanian vampire, Billy is hell-bent on creating his own kingdom in the New World. But Billy meets his match in Rayne (Natasia Malthe) … Born over a century earlier in Romania, Rayne has been hunting vampires for a long time. Now she has her sites set on Billy.

Wow! Billy the Kid a vampire? Who woulda thunk it? As long as there’s at least one awkwardly staged sex scene, I’m there!

We also have a very brief, somewhat low-quality teaser for you to check out when and if you’re ready. Sometimes these things take preparation, you know? When you feel you’re up to it, click here for the BloodRayne 2: Deliverance teaser!

Johnny Butane

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