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Episode 89: The Return of Steve Johnson



?format=1000w - Episode 89: The Return of Steve Johnson

On this episode of The Bonus Material Podcast, Thom Carnell, Heather Buckley, and Langley J West welcome back FX Legend Steve Johnson. As you may recall, we had a computer crash and lost about an hour of audio the last time we had him on. We’re grateful that Steve was able to make time to come back and talk with us on this episode. Speaking of… On the episode, we discuss Steve’s Kickstarter Campaign for RUBBERHEAD: SEX, DRUGS, AND SPECIAL FX (see link below and DONATE!). We also take a look at The Creative Process, the debate between Practical FX and CG, and we round things out with a chat about a little known knife-fighting flick called LE GRANDE ARTE (see YouTube link below) and what’s it’s like to carve a letter into someone’s face..
This one’s a good one, kids! 


LE GRANDE ARTE (full movie)




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