Exclusive Stills: Smokin’ New Indie Horror – Nicotine Stains

Most people will agree (smokers and non-smokers alike) that cigarettes are kind of a gross addiction (this writer included, even though I still smoke to this day). However, we’ve never seen the true horrors of tobacco … until now!

Production has just begun this month on an independent horror film called Nicotine Stains in Los Angeles, and Dread Central has some exclusive first stills from the project to share with you fiends!

Writer/director Gennaro Desposito is producing with partner and Studio 3T co-founder Chris Ehling. Nicotine Stains is the duo’s premier entry into feature filmmaking.

Charlie is a young, lower-middle class factory worker for the Vellaro Tobacco Company. A life-long smoker, Charlie battles with his friends and girlfriend over his habit. Working at the factory, although a grueling job, has some perks, like getting free samples of the new Vellaro Ultra Extremes…a tobacco free cigarette with a new chemical substitute for tobacco and nicotine. Like “sweetener for cigarettes”. Charlie sure seems to love his new brand.

Charlie’s girlfriend, Jen, confronts him when the smoking begins to make him sound very sick and congested. She tells him he has to quit. Charlie agrees to appease Jen, and with the support of his roommates, Ryan and Christie, he is determined to do it…after one last pack. His cigarettes, however, have other plans. As Charlie makes his quitting attempt, he begins to have severe withdrawal, mood swings, violent outbursts, and even hallucinations. Not even his bipolar meds are helping anymore.

As Charlie’s symptoms worsen and his mood darkens, life in the apartment begins to become hell for his four roommates. When professional bum and “couch warmer” Max abruptly disappears, Christie begins to get very suspicious that Charlie has done something with him. It all comes down to a very stressful Friday fueled by a full psychotic break in which carnage ensues.

Check out the exclusive stills below, and look for more on Nicotine Stains soon!

Exclusive Stills: Smokin' New Indie Horror - Nicotine Stains

Exclusive Stills: Smokin' New Indie Horror - Nicotine Stains

Exclusive Stills: Smokin' New Indie Horror - Nicotine Stains

Heather Wixson

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