Edges Of Darkness Creeps Forward

Edges Of Darkness(click to see it bigger)We need more zombie movies. More zombie movies with some vampires thrown in! Let’s focus less on silly teen thrillers or madmen in masks and concentrate our efforts on some good, old fashioned undead mania. This kind of combo is rarely seen in the horror genre today, and luckily some folks are ready to take a chance with it.

Today Twitch Film has a healthy amount of new images from director Jason Horton’s zombie anthology Edges of Darkness. All three stories will interconnect in some fashion as they are all based around a zombie apocalypse. Where do the vamps fit into all this? Well, the bloodsuckers need living humans to feed off of, so what do they do once that food source has become almost extinct?

Some pretty interesting stuff! While a trailer isn’t up on the official Edge of Darkness site yet, you can see one on their MySpace page! We’ll bring you more news as it comes.

Kryten Syxx

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Kryten Syxx