Kill Pill Trailer Parties Like We’re Gonna Die Young

If you need any more convincing why it’s a bad idea to take drugs at parties, then check out the trailer for director Lloyd Eyre-Morgan’s Kill Pill, in which a bunch of party-goers decide to turn the fun up to eleven by popping some pills, which have the adverse effect of turning them into murderous cannibals.

The film will be touring festivals later this year worldwide so keep your eyes open for more.

In a remote English town, pregnant 17-year-old Ellie is babysitting her little sister, Molly. After receiving a panic-stricken phone call from her twin brother, Leo, Ellie drives to the house party that is taking place at a small abandoned castle to find her brother. Once Ellie arrives with Molly at the remote house party, they descend inside. Once they reach Leo, we discover he has been attacked by Killa (the father of Ellie’s baby). After a confrontation with Killa, the group reunites, only to realize Molly is missing. Suddenly chaos descends as the party-goers begin to transform into rage-infected cannibals.

[vimeo 181032524 w=853 h=480]

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