Enter the Carnivore!

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Vagabond: Enter the Carnivore!I’m known around these parts as the guy with a knack for unearthing info about truly bizarre movies and then sharing that info with all of you. Today is no exception. I don’t even remember how I stumbled upon info about this one the other night. I know I was looking something up online; one page led to another and BAM … Call it fate. I was destined to discover the existence of Vagabond and shout its name from the rooftops.

Following the brutal murder of his pregnant wife, grief-stricken Oliver Queen becomes a homeless vagabond, eventually sucked into the glamorous world of bum fighting. The pain of Oliver’s past will come back to haunt him as he beats to death a variety of tramps, hobos, and derelicts on his way to becoming king of the “Arena of Death,” the aptly named venue in which street urchins engage in mortal combat for the pleasure of others.

But now Ivan Mangele, the evil mind behind the Arena of Death (and with a name like Ivan Mangele how could he not be evil?), has decided to enter his own fighter, a monstrous freak of nature and science gone wrong known only as The Carnivore, a seven-foot creature that devours the living light out of its opponents. I’m not really clear on the whole “living light” deal, could be an odd euphemism for soul-sucking for all I know, but what matters is that Oliver Queen, the emotionally wounded vagabond ass-kicking machine, is next on The Carnivore’s living light-devouring menu.

This Tiberia Pictures production was originally entitled Enter The Carnivore until they opted to change it to Vagabond. If anyone involved with the production is reading this right now, let me take this opportunity to strongly urge changing it back to its original title. One is far more distinct and fantastical than the other, and that’s really what a movie like this should be shooting for. Though given the current production art, the title could very well be a combination of the two, Vagabond: Enter the Carnivore. Whatever the case may be, Enter the Carnivore is money. Don’t drop it!

Most of the names behind this low budget gladiatorial creature feature — star and producer Benjamin Maccabee and director Leonard South — are ones I do not recognize. However, villainous Ivan Mangele is played by journeyman character actor Robert Miano, whose resume spans some 30+ years, and the film marks the screenwriting debut of Michael Perl, the guy that played Winston Egbert on the “Sweet Valley High” TV show. [Why the hell do you know that, Foy? -ed]

The official Vagabond website — really more of a webpage right now — reports that filming is still ongoing, but the plan is to have it ready before the end of the year.

I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this one. This could be the greatest martial arts monster mash since Reptilicant. Speaking of which, when the hell is that ever going to see the light of day?

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