San Diego Comic-Con 2010: Hammer Films Comfirms More Reboots Coming – Quatermass and More!

San Diego Comic-Con 2010: Hammer Films Comfirms More Reboots Coming - Quatermass and More!Big news coming out of the Let Me In panel here at the San Diego Comic-Con: The newly rebirthed Hammer Films (it’s so nice to have you back) is looking to resurrect a lot more than just their company name as they have just confirmed that two more of their classic properties will be getting the redux treatment.

According to the fine folks at Hammer fans can expect not just a remake of their cult sci-fi horror series Quatermass to be coming soon but also a brand new remake of one of my own personal favorite flicks that successfully meld heaving bossoms, violence, and kung-friggin’-fu, The Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires.

Great news, kids! We’ll keep our ears open to get you more as it comes.

Quatermass Synopsis
A missile, launched by the team led by Prof. Quatermass, lands in the English countryside. Of the three members of the crew, two have mysteriously disappeared. The third one, barely alive, undergoes an horrible metamorphosis turning into a monstrous “thing”. When he breaks out and, chased in vain by inspector Lomax, starts killing humans and animals to feed his transformation, Quatermass realizes that this is the way chosen by an alien form of life to invade the Earth.

The Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires Synopsis
Count Dracula journies to a remote Chinese village in the guise of a warlord to support six vampires who are dispirited after the loss of a seventh member of their cult. At the same time, vampire hunter Prof. Van Helsing happens to be lecturing in the country and is persuaded by villagers to help them fight this curse of the ages.

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  • Shambling_in_Bandages

    Quatermass? Hell, yes! I’ve been crying out for a modern-day Quatermass for years. I’d prefer an ongoing TV series, if I’m honest, but a remake of Hammer’s remake trilogy is okay with me – even though I’d like them to try to stick closer to the original BBC serials.

    Now all we need is a top-class English actor to assume the role.

  • will graham

    I always wanted more stories based around Quatermass (tv’s first sci-fi hero?) not sure about a remake, espically since it was set during the race to space era.

    Hope they acknowledge Nigel Kneale properly. The guy was seriously underated outside of the UK.

  • James Coker

    YES!! been waiting for a Quatermass Remake FOREVER now. FINALLY!

  • LifeMi

    I expected this would happen eventually. At least in the case of LOT7GV, they’re going for one of their weaker movies in the hopes of improving it. Just get Lee as Dracula and I’ll be happy.