San Diego Comic-Con 2010: Hatchet II Footage Report! What Did You Miss? A LOT! Details Inside!

So earlier this evening we broke the news first that Adam Green’s Hatchet II landed itself an unrated release with a major theater chain, and there’s no doubt that this is huge news for both Dark Sky and the Hatchet Army. But for the lucky fans in attendance at the standing room only Hatchet II panel at the San Diego Comic-Con, more goods were on the way!

San Diego Comic-Con 2010: Hatchet Footage Report! What Did You Miss? A LOT! Details Inside!Green and company, including R.A. Mihailoff, Parry Shen, A.J. Bowen, Danielle Harris, Tom Holland, Kane Hodder, Rileah Vanderbilt, co-producer and second unit assistant director Jason Richard Miller, and creature and make-up effects supervisor Robert Pendergraft, had a real treat for the fans in attendance in the form of a boatload of footage and a death montage that left the room screaming.

The evening started off with a viewing of the film’s badass new red band teaser trailer.

Let us warn you right now … for the rest of this story you’re going to be reading a ton of spoilers. We mean a friggin’ ton, too. We’re talking items concerning Victor Crowley’s background and of course eight of the movie’s seventeen(!) kills. Read on at your own risk.

We mean it, dude. Last chance. No seriously.

The footage opened with Marybeth (Harris) in Rev. Zombie’s (Tony Todd) Voodoo Shop way distraught and also inquisitive about the origin of one Victor Crowley, of which Zombie was happy to share the extremely torrid tale. In the interest of preserving some of the flick’s twists and turns, we’re just going to give you the gist of it.

While his wife, Shyann (Kathryn Fiore), lay dying in front of him due to a lingering stomach cancer, Thomas Crowley (Hodder sans make-up) ends up having an affair with his spouse’s Creole nurse, Lena (Erika Hamilton). Her sickness had lasted a really long time, and when she finally passed, Thomas and Lena embraced and kissed in front of her thought to be lifeless body. But the old girl, outraged by what was taking place in front of her, showed that she still had some fire left in her by placing her hand over Lena’s belly and cursing the duo’s then unborn son, who would grow up to be Victor.

We know from the original Hatchet how Victor met his fate, but we learn here that he is, in fact, a ghost who is forced to relive his own death and return to the exact state he was killed in each night. This reveal gives both the character of Victor Crowley and the vibe of the series a whole new supernatural spin while answering some of the lingering questions left behind by the first flick.

As part of the flashback we saw a death reel that included a host of super violent kills: a quick hatchet slice, a head being cut completely in half, an angry spear through the neck, someone’s face totally sliced off, and one of the most insane jaw-ripping scenes we’ve seen in quite some time. Robert Pendergraft, you are a very talented and sick man. Bravo.

Following a lively Q&A with the crowd, Green showed off two more kills: two people being sliced via chainsaw vertically in half from the balls up and one hell of a curb-stomp.

In a sea of mouth-breathers, overweight folks in spandex, and all manner of geeky shenanigans, one thing is for certain: The Hatchet fans who did manage to make it into the room left really fuckin’ satisfied.

Green promised a much more fulfilling ending to this entry into the franchise and said that the last eleven minutes of this movie will blow you away.

Bring it on!

San Diego Comic-Con 2010: Hatchet II Footage Report! What Did You Miss? A LOT! Details Inside!

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  • sarahbr11

    Hey Hey we caught up with the fantastically sic Director Adam Green, Danielle adn some other cast members whilst haunting Comic-Con last weekend and it sounds like they had a pretty gnarly shoot, or at least Danielle thinks so…said of course with a smile. Check out what they had to say HERE >> http://www.fearnet.com/videos/b19712_comic_con_2010_hatchet_ii.html

    Oh and for shits and giggles the next Hatchet 3 is really titled ‘happy faces’ 🙂