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A piece of the new Michael Myers figure from NECA (click to see the whole thing!I can’t help it. The older I get, the more it seems I want to own every single horror toy that’s being made today. When I was a teenager, how I would have loved to have half the shit they come out with today adoring my walls and shelves. Granted, my chances of getting laid would have been seriously diminished, but in the long run would it really matter?

Yes, yes it would have. Nevertheless, the toys are here now, and NECA is leading the pack in badass horror figures. Case in point: their brand-new Michael Myers figure from Rob Zombie’s Halloween, which Bloody Disgusting got the first look at the final product for today. No, that image on your right isn’t the whole thing, smartass. Click it to see it all!

Expect to see this one hitting shelves around the same time or shortly after Halloween comes to theaters, which is currently slated for August 31st, 2007. Be sure to visit NECA’s official site to check out the rest of their badass figure lineup!

Johnny Butane

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