San Diego Comic Con 2010: Hatchet II Distribution News / First Talk of Further Sequels

San Diego Comic Con 2010: Hatchet II Distribution News / First Talk of Further SequelsHot off the presses of the San Diego Comic-Con comes some MAJOR news concerning one of the genre’s most anticipated movies, Dark Sky Films’ Hatchet II.

Writer/director Adam Green was on hand to discuss the further murderous exploits of Victor Crowley, revealing that getting the slasher sequel into theaters hasn’t been an easy task. The MPAA has requested entire scenes be deleted from the film as they are far too violent to simply be trimmed!

That doesn’t mean we’ll be seeing a truncated version of Hatchet II in theaters, however, as a major multiplex chain – as of yet unnamed – has decided to take the film uncut and unrated, meaning you might get you chance to witness a balls-to-the-wall gorefest in theaters this October! This is reminiscent of the late 70s and 80s when genre classics like Dawn of the Dead and Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2 hit theaters without an MPAA label. By doing this, the mystery chain is effectively stripping the shadowy Motion Picture Association of America of at least some of their power. How fucking rockstar is that!? If Hatchet II is a success, watch more theaters follow suit more often!

On the subject of further sequels, Green said they have been discussed but was quick to note that he feels he’s spent all his creative energy making Part II as great as it can be. He’ll be involved in any future installments but is uncertain of the capacity.

Awesome, awesome news, no matter how you slice it.


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