San Diego Comic-Con 2010: The Further Adventures of the Frog Brothers in More Lost Boys Sequels?

I suppose I’m plagued with an eternal naïveté that makes me excited for films like Lost Boys: The Thirst. Like everyone else, I thought The Tribe was filth, but there’s something about the third film’s trailer that makes me think they got it right this time. That any future Lost Boys films shouldn’t try to recapture the iconography of the original and instead focus on whatever hijinks the Frog Brothers might find themselves mixed up in. Turns out, Corey Feldman is thinking the same thing.

While promoting The Thrist at San Diego Comic-Con, Feldman talked about the possible future of the franchise: “We’ve pretty much plotted out at this point three more films that we could see happening. We’re going all kinds of places that are really interesting. Everybody was waiting for the Frog brothers to get back together and now we accomplished that with this film. You look at the first film, it is what it is. The second film kind of brings back the Edgar Frog character and loosely references a lot of the characters from the first film without actually getting into the storyline of what happened in-between. This film brings the Frog brothers back together finally and really kinds of fills in the gaps. Now the world is kind of limitless for us. Whether that means we’re going to go back and do a prequel or fill in the in-between of what happened between the second and the third movie, or the third and beyond, that I can’t give away. But I can tell you we’ve pretty eloquently mapped it out and we see this as a series that’s going to go on for quite a while.”

And there’s more than just the possible sequels. Edgar Frog is also talking about more comic books and even a television series! Hell, sign me up. Feldman was the only thing that made The Tribe watchable, and if Warner Bros. can put some good writers and innovative directors behind these projects, I would gladly follow the Frog Brothers on whatever horrors await them.


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Matt Serafini

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  • GJW

    I don’t care. This franchise is dead to me. This movie looks stupid,even if it IS better than the last that is NOT saying much. I don’t have much hope for this,therefore no hope for anything in the future. But,they probably will just keep making them as cheap as possible,then throw them out on dvd.