San Diego Comic-Con 2010: Machete Footage Details!

Aside from the shenanigans at the Taco Truck, Robert Rodriguez showed a montage of sorts for his upcoming flick Machete, and we’ve got the lowdown on what you missed!

The festivities commenced with Robert addressing the crowd in attendance and talking a little bit about the film’s casting.

Raised by five women, Rodriguez takes every opportunity to cast strong women in strong women roles. Casting Danny Trejo was a no-brainer because according to Rodriguez, “There is no badder Mexican to wield the knives.” The filmmaker also divulged that he had the idea for Machete around sixteen years ago and even back then told Danny, “If we don’t have the technology, we’ll invent it.”

So what did you miss … Our man Nomad called in with the complete rundown.

  • Michelle Rodriguez does some crazy voodoo shit with an egg on Machete to heal him; turns into a classic sex scene of the two getting it on.
  • Next we find Jessica Alba and Machete taking on a masked luchador gunman, whom Alba takes out with her high-heeled shoes.
  • Robert De Niro is the evil politician…heavy on the racism.
  • Machete is in the hospital with the Avellan twins when all of a sudden hitmen burst in to kill him. He defends himself with a skull scraper and some crazy ass three-bladed chain weapon that he uses to gut a dude and then jumps out of a window using his guts like a rope to make his escape.
  • Yep. We are SO there. Machete stars Jessica Alba (Sin City), Robert De Niro, Michelle Rodriguez (Fast & Furious), Lindsay Lohan (Mean Girls), Cheech Marin (Once Upon a Time in Mexico), Jeff Fahey (“Lost”), Don Johnson, Steven Seagal (Under Siege), and of course Danny Trejo as the lead character. Look for it in theatres September 3rd, 2010.

    The feature finds Machete (Trejo), a renegade former Mexican Federale, roaming the streets of Texas after a shakedown from drug lord Torrez (Seagal). Reluctantly, Machete takes an offer from spin doctor Benz (Fahey) to assassinate McLaughlin (De Niro) a corrupt Senator. Double-crossed and on the run, Machete braves the odds with the help of Luz (Rodriguez), a saucy taco slinger; Padre (Marin), his “holy” brother; and April (Lohan), a socialite with a penchant for guns. All while being tracked by Sartana (Alba), a sexy ICE agent with a special interest in the blade slinger.

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