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Torture Room (click to see it bigger)Ah, the words torture porn; I can never get enough of ’em. I can’t wait to thank Eli Roth and the Saw folks personally for helping boost up this sub-genre that is starting to trickle down into the direct-to-DVD market. The days of monsters, ghosts and ghouls have passed. It is time for new blood, and we can find it in the Torture Room. It’s located in the Hallway of Suffering and adjacent to the Closet Of Despair.

According to Nytemare Productions “Torture Room stars Brooke Bailey and Nicki Streisel as two young women who enjoy treating men as toys, manipulating them for fun. But when their car gets a flat tire on the way home from a big night out on the town, the girls find themselves on the other end of the game as they run into a twisted maniac who has a very bloody manipulation hobby of his own.

Sounds like the kind of flick every guy who has ever been fucked over by a chick wants to see. I sure do. Hell, they don’t even have to offend me personally to deserve that treatment. I could probably walk into the local mall and point out several women that likely deserve a trip to that special room.

::twitch, twitch::

The film was written by Jim O’Rear and Michael Turner. Jim also directs this flick. and it comes as a relief that O’Rear is no stranger to the horror genre as we can see here. However, with principal photography just now starting, we will have to wait a bit to find out if his talents are put to good use. Until that time we can leave you with this image and a link to Torture Room‘s official site.

Sneek a peek! (click to see it bigger!)

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