Anchor Bay Spills Oil Rig Monster Movie in October

The BP oil spill disaster has left me wondering how long it’s going to take before we see a wave of monster movies and disaster flicks centered around the subject. The makers of The Rig may have gotten lucky that they already had a creature feature in the can about a monster loose on an oil rig because now they’ll be the first out of the gate when Anchor Bay spills the film onto DVD this October.

Filmed on location aboard an actual oil rig in Morgan City, Louisiana, which right now is practically ground zero for the BP oil washing ashore, Peter Atencio directs from a script he co-wrote with novice writers C.W. Fallin and Scott Martin with creature effects courtesy of Davis Fandino and Matt Mastrella (both AvP movies and Spider-Man 3). The venerable character actors William Forsythe (Out for Justice, The Rock)and Art LaFleur (Field of Dreams, Santa Clause) star.

As a hurricane rages outside, the small but experienced crew of an oil drilling rig settles in to ride out the storm. Isolated on the rig, their calm is short-lived when a crew member goes missing and an extensive search proves futile. Slowly they discover that a deadly creature is stalking the skeleton crew, eliminating them one by one. Surrounded by nothing but raging ocean, their communication severed and no way off the rig, the roughnecks try to survive the stormy night with an unrelenting force of death hunting them down.

Anchor Bay Entertainment will release The Rig on October 5th. Full DVD details have yet to be announced.

Have a look at the trailer below. Sure, it looks awfully Alien-esque, but at least the monster is brought to life via practical special effects rather than a ton of cheap CGI.

The Foywonder

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  • Genrewriter

    Looks watchable enough, I’ll give it a rental.

  • Vanvance1

    Don’t forget, the coolest zombie ever came out of a can, though it was filled with toxic waste.

    Also, Smurfaghetti came out of a can and that’s pretty horrific as well.

  • DavidFullam

    The Intruder Within 2010.

    • xfoley8

      Exactly what I was thinking. I saw that just once as a kid and it scared the bejeezus out of me, although I’m sure if I saw it today it would be laughable. In fact, I think it had an alternate title- “The Lucifer Rig”. There will probably be a lawsuit if this new film doesn’t acknowledge the old. I think the phrase “too soon” applies here- I guess it’s typical of the film industry to capitalize on national tragedies for a buck, but I can’t imagine very many people want to see ‘entertainment’ that exploits something so painful so soon after it happened (or, is probably still happening), even if it was made before it happened. Bad timing, or a cynical attempt at money-making.

      • DavidFullam

        I think it did play as The Lucifer Rig in Europe. It was a fun little TV movies. I miss those days. I too am worried that we will see a plethora of “Oil Horror” in the coming year. Bet the Asylum will announce one real soon.