The High Cost of Legend

One of many of our set pics from I Am Legend's Brooklyn shootOh, man, I’m really smelling some kind of flop of disastrous proportions from I Am Legend for some reason. Maybe it’s just that they’re spending so much goddamn money on a Will Smith movie, something unheard of since Ali didn’t manage to move moviegoers as expected. Or maybe it’s that goddamn dog he seems to have with him in every promo shot we’ve seen.

Why would I blame a dog? Leave me alone, it’s early. Anyway, I mention this because a new report over on Yahoo! Movies has surfaced with details about one particular, extremely expensive (over $5 million) scene shot for the film; namely that of evacuees trying to get out of Brooklyn that was filmed last January. Hundreds of extras, way-below freezing temperatures, and the cooperation of 14 (!) government agencies went into this scene, which we have on good authority will only serve as a flashback (though hopefully a quite long one…) when I Am Legend comes to screens next year.

And they wonder why it’s so hard for movies to make money? Just read the entire article on Yahoo! to get an understanding why what seems like a simple task, shooting a night scene in Brooklyn, was a logistical nightmare. Then be sure to click here to see a ton of images that our own intrepid reporter, Nomad, took while the shoot was going on!

Johnny Butane

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