Robert Kirkman Announces Skybound, a New Division of Image Comics

Robert Kirkman announced today that he is launching and will helm Skybound, a new division of Image Comics that will give a new generation of comic book artists and creators the opportunity to publish their works as Skybound Originals.

From the Press Release:
With Skybound, Kirkman will handpick up-and-coming creators and maintain an active role in promoting and expanding the projects of the growing talent pool. Artist and company alike will be fully vested in the development of their properties into new mediums (i.e., television, film, etc.) globally.

Image Comics, the publishing company that has published Kirkman’s original works (including the New York Times bestselling series The Walking Dead and Invincible), will provide publishing and distribution support to Skybound. Kirkman will continue his duties as Partner at Image Comics and use the Skybound imprint to release his own titles as well as every Skybound Original to follow.

Robert Kirkman plans to preview the first Skybound Original, Witch Doctor, during his spotlight panel at San Diego Comic-Con this Thursday. “Witch Doctor is a perfect example of the material we’re looking to cultivate with Skybound,” says Kirkman, citing the comic’s unique vision of a “sick world” where mythical creatures interfere with the natural order.

Robert Kirkman Announces Skybound, a New Division of Image Comics

Kirkman himself found the creators of Witch Doctor online and will continue to play a personal role in the ongoing search for a constant stream of new talent to sign under the Skybound umbrella. Skybound will focus on cutting-edge, creator-owned stories that are outside of the normal spectrum of mass-market genres.

Witch Doctor will hit shelves at the beginning of 2011. Kirkman has several other Skybound Originals in the works but plans to focus on quality, and the company will take its time to find unique projects that reflect Skybound’s core ideals. For more visit the official Skybound website.

Witch Doctor Synopsis:


It’s a sick world — literally. The universe is a living thing, and the monsters of legend are its parasites. Earth’s immune system — humanity — has been at war with supernature for all of history. But to fight a disease, you don’t need soldiers. You need doctors.

Doctors like Vincent Morrow, excommunicated from the medical community and headhunted into an exciting new career in the black arts. Morrow serves the world with both hands — one in magic, one in medicine — as earth’s protector. Earth’s Witch Doctor.

It’s a sick world — he’s here to treat it.

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