The Undead Shall Walk … And Drive, and Consequently Crash!

Folks in Portland, Oregon got quite a scare a few days ago when a car full of zombies crashed on I-84. Well, they weren’t actual zombies, merely regular old humans dressed as zombies.

Maybe somebody had a few too many at a zombie walk because at around 9:30 pm on Friday night, July 9th, after witnesses saw their car swerving in and out of eastbound lanes, the car toppled over. Initially it was thought to be far worse due to the zombie costumes. Imagine you come across a car crash and see what appear to be zombies. Do you run, do you try to help, call the police?

I can tell you just yesterday as I was driving down a side street, I saw a tall, skeleton-like man hobbling along walking a dog. He looked so zombie-like I did a double-take; his eyes caught mine and I thought I was gone for! Then I realized he was just really emaciated and breathed a sigh of relief. But imagine if you didn’t have that sigh of relief? It’d be a little more than an enticing game of “Choose Your Adventure”. I’ve seen far too many movies to tell you I don’t care if the zombie is telling me it’s a human just dressed as a zombie; I don’t believe it. If I were the one who stumbled across this, it would’ve taken me a few moments to decipher that one of my worst fears had come true, that zombies have upgraded significantly since my hero, Bub, from Romero’s Day of The Dead walked the earth and are now fully functional and, worst of all, crafty! Luring me in with the heartstrings! Those devious little…..

But I’m off on a tangent! If you’d like the full scoop on this one hit up the linkage! Big thanks to DC reader Harvester Moon for sending this one in!

The Undead Shall Walk ... And Drive, and Consequently Crash!

Thom Mathews, Circa 1986

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  • GJW

    They didn’t crash because they saw a vampire in the road like the woman in Colorado did they? Cause THAT, that would be just plain fucking hilarious.

    Formerly FireRam