Two Clips That Reveal Dean Cain’s Frost Giant

When I first learned that Syfy had a creature feature in the works starring Dean Cain called Frost Giant, without knowing anything about the plot, I just automatically assumed the titular “frost giant” would be a Yeti or an Ymir or some other furry Scandinavian behemoth. Nope. Turns out Syfy has made a movie about a block of ice that sprouts arms and legs, comes to life, and goes on a killing spree. All I can say to that is, “About damn time!”

Ex-TV Superman Dean Cain stars in Frost Giant along with Lucy Brown from season three of the Brit sci-fi dino series “Primeval” in this frostbitten fright flick from prolific Syfy movie scripter Raphael Jordan and director Victor Garcia (Return to House on Haunted Hill, Mirrors 2). Still no official plot synopsis anywhere that I have come across, but judging by these two scenes from the film that Syfy has posted, Dean Cain is part of a group of scientists and treasure hunters trapped in a frozen outpost being terrorized by something that reminds me of a rampaging Mechwarrior ice sculpture. Definitely a unique movie monster; you have to give them that much.

The first clip features the living ice monster getting bored by two foreigners droning on about their woman troubles and deciding to put them out of their misery with its fatal freeze powers. We get a better look at the frost giant and Dean Cain in the second clip, in which we’ll learn that flamethrowers are no match for an angry ice cube creature.

Frost Giant premieres August 7th at 9/8 Central and replays at midnight.

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