More Sasquatchploitation in Latest Savage Trailer

It really shouldn’t be this busy on a Friday, but hey, if we gotta work at least we’re reporting on Bigfoot movies and not flipping burgers, right? Get ready for more sasquatchploitation in the latest trailer for Savage!

No release date yet for the fright flick directed by Jordan Blum, but there is now an official website for Savage.

“A blazing forest fire rips through Bear Valley National Park. As the firefighters try to contain it, the animals are being forced out of their habitat including a beast that was better left undiscovered. Now several firefighters have gone missing and others have been found mutilated.

When word about the fire spreads, Dale, a scientist dedicated to proving the existence of Bigfoot, hires Jack, a local Bigfoot hunter, to help him track the beast. While Dale hopes to provide proof of the beast’s existence, Jack is looking for revenge.

Owen, an ex-cop turned park ranger, begins poking around searching for poachers who might be interested in taking pop shots at the fleeing wildlife. He stumbles across Richard and Gabrielle, two petty criminals who are on the run from the law. Owen soon discovers that this simple arrest is anything but routine when he encounters the Bigfoot. As the creature tears through the forest, destroying everything and everyone it comes in contact with, Owen must race home to rescue his pregnant wife who stands in the beast’s deadly path.”

Uncle Creepy

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Steve Barton

You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never, ever choose to be.

  • BoggyCreekBeast

    Reminds me of those beef jerkey commercials. And what was with ‘Quatch loping along like a freaking cheetah or something?

  • GJW

    Wow………Cha-Ka is all grown up! Cha-Ka looks PISSED!!!

    Formerly FireRam

  • CMax

    That last shot of the Sasquatch punching that guy reminds me of that SNL Short where Andy Samberg ran around punching people.