Final Destination 5 Gets an Official Title, Plus a Little on the Opening Disaster

Boy, it really seemed like there was no life left in the Final Destination franchise after that last movie, but a worldwide gross of $185 million has put Warner Bros. on the proverbial fast track. What have they come up with so far? How about an awful title and a potentially awesome opening disaster.

According to the great folks over at Bloody Disgusting, the fifth entry in the long-running franchise has been slapped with the hopelessly stupid title 5nal Destination. What’s more is that writer Eric Heisserer (A Nightmare on Elm Street refake) and director Steven Quale have already got their sights set on a calamity to kick off the body count:

Suspension bridge carnage? What’s better than exploiting something we all fear when crossing a bridge? It’s certainly a hell of a lot better than a racetrack. So while I’m not sure I’m really all that enthused by the prospect of another one of these movies, I’ll be hauling my tired ass to theaters in the hopes that these filmmakers have whipped up an interesting take on the formula.

Final Destination 5 Gets an Official Title, Plus a Little on the Opening Disasters


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  • LeBay

    I hope Richard Gere makes a cameo appearance:

  • Chainsaw

    Dear Hollywood, how was camp? Also, enough with the fucking illiterate movie titles, please. It’s not cute anymore.

  • James Coker

    Hey Vanvance1 I only Wish they could Ressurect Fulci for another movie also…18A rating??? not from the states are you???

  • Tshoffie

    while i must admit i like the franchise i dont like that title one bit and im sure if they are smart they will change it…i do however think seeing lots of people getting defeated on a suspension bridge is a cool idea

  • tedge1979

    I love that, upon quick glance, 5NAL DESTINATION looks just like ANAL DESTINATION.

  • nonserviam03

    fivenal destination? I mean… FIVENAL?

    If you’re going to throw numbers in your titles, do it right. Learn to write in 1337.

    At least Scre4m got it right.

  • Vanvance1

    This could be fun if, and ONLY if, they ditch the dull teens. Hire the French f/x crew who did ‘Inside’, determine that all f/x will be practical, accept an 18A rating and raise Fulci from the dead to direct it.

    Since none of these things will happen this is sure to be as uninspired and blah as the last few.

  • theGoldenSimatar

    5nal Destination?! Well, I gotta give them credit for trying to fit the 5 into a title. But just wow.

  • GJW

    Are you fucking kidding me? Hahahahahahaha what a dumbass title. I like the bridge idea though. My favorite opening disaster sequence so far though is FD2. Loved the road wreck and the time they spent on focusing on each death. The guy caught in his car on fire. The guy smashed by his own bike. The cop having the tree go through his car,blood and head out the rear. Great stuff.

    Fivenal Destination? (That IS how it reads.) I’ve seen better personalized license plates that although cheesy as hell makes/made more sense.

    Formerly FireRam