Darabont to Take a Long Walk

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As he wraps up work on one of his life-long dream projects, the adaptation of Stephen King’s The Mist, director Frank Darabont is already looking forward to future projects despite the fact that he just shot a movie in a fast and furious six weeks, half the usual shoot time for the prolific director of The Green Mile and The Shawshank Redemption.

In an interview with MTV, his first since finishing The Mist, Darabont reveals the he has the rights to two other King stories: “The Monkey”, an old-school chiller that made its first appearance in The Skeleton Crew collection, and “The Long Walk”, one of the original Bachman Books. He says he hopes to get to one or both of them before the end of 2007. Damn!

Of the two I would have to say fans (myself included) will be most happy to see what the man can do with The Long Walk as a film; for those unfamiliar, the story takes place in a future society where once a year 100 teenagers are chosen at random to partake in the titular contest, run by a mysterious man known only as The Major and broadcast for all to see. They are to maintain a constant speed of 4 miles per hour and are given three warnings for offensive actions; after three warnings they are shot by one of the various snipers posted along the walk’s route. No stopping or resting is allowed for any reason, and the walk ends when one walker remains.

It’s a truly terrifying story for its raw bleakness and highly recommended for those who’ve not read it. In this day and age of extreme reality shows of all variety, now is the best time to see this happen. Be sure to read Darabont’s full interview with MTV for more on The Mist as well as his thoughts on the Indiana Jones sequel he wrote that will never see the light of day!

Johnny Butane

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