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Lights Out Exclusive: Alicia Vela-Bailey Talks Bringing the Evil Diana to Life; Annabelle 2



Lights Out Diana

My first question for Alicia Vela-Bailey, who played the big bad in Lights Out (review) was, “How hasn’t anyone interviewed you for this movie by now?” Vela-Bailey said with a laugh, “I think they’re all too scared!

Well, we’re not so sit back and relax as we bring you an exclusive interview with the lovely woman who’s currently scaring the hell out of audiences everywhere!

I love horror movies, so being able to take part in something the allows me to scare people is just a lot of fun,” says Vela-Bailey, who can also be seen in The Purge, Hostel: Part III, and the upcoming Underworld: Blood Wars. “I was actually coming in to audition to be the stunt double for Diana, and thankfully they liked what I did so much, they basically said, ‘Ya know, we should just use you for everything!’ [Ed. Note: Some of her previous stunt work includes appearing as the “Juliette Creature” in “Grimm” and working as Shelley Hennig’s stunt double in an episode of “Teen Wolf”.]

Alicia Vela-Bailey

Vela-Bailey continued, “I met with David [Sandberg, the film’s director], and he showed me some artwork of what this creature was and what it was going to look like. We talked about how Diana was going to move and what the possibilities were. Because of my dance and gymnastics background, I was able to pull off some really fun movements like walking on my hands and crawling all over the place, jumping, and kind of doing all these contortionist movements… it was so much fun!

When talking about what she was wearing that helped convey the menace of Diana…

I wore a black full-on bodysuit with prosthetic hands, neck, and face along with this crazy creepy wig. That one was a lot more comfortable to me because of the zipper in the back; I could just get out of it when I needed to and breathe a bit more. The hands were a bit cumbersome; even simple things like checking my phone was tough. Thankfully, my husband got me a stylus pen so I could do things like check my e-mail and stuff between takes. Even going over to craft services to get a snack proved difficult! I was like, ‘Can someone help me?” Vela-Bailey says with a laugh. “It was so funny… on food breaks people would distance themselves from me… all the time! I would get stared at all the time, or even when someone walked around the corner, they were like, ‘Oh, my gosh, you scared me!’ I could be just hanging out in a corner minding my own business, and somebody would walk by and jump out of their skin! I was just trying to stay out of the way and not scare anyone!

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Vela-Bailey continues, “It was awesome! I always love dressing up for Halloween in all these eerie costumes. I grew up in Hawaii, and my dad used to love seeing what I’d come up with. It’s always been fun for me, and now I’m like, ‘Wait, someone’s gonna pay me to do this? YES!’ Interestingly enough, though… when I was in this suit, I preferred to stay in the dark. It was almost as if on some level wearing it made me feel a bit self-conscious, like, ‘Oh, my god, you scare people! I should just stay in the dark so no one can see me!’ Wearing this suit and becoming this character, I sympathized with Diana in a way. I mean, she just wants to hang out and be part of a family!

Lights Out Diana

In terms of fan reaction…

I wasn’t sure what was going to happen when people got to see this movie. I am so happy with the reactions this movie has been getting. When I was on set, I was just doing my movements and listening to David, and we’d try different versions of different things and, you know, just play around with it. Everyone there would be like, ‘That looks so creepy’ or ‘That looks so cool,’ but I was so busy I never got to see how anything looked. When I saw the movie, I was like, ‘Oh, that’s what everyone was talking about! That does look cool!’ I did get to see it with an audience, and that was too much fun! I took my mom, my sister, my husband, and a bunch of friends; and we all went. Everyone was joking around by saying things like, ‘Nobody knows that Diana is sitting right behind them!’ Seeing the reactions of the audience… I don’t think I’ll ever forget that! It’s like a dream come true.

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Vela-Bailey is currently working with Sandberg again on Annabelle 2, in which she plays “Evil Mrs. Mullins.” We inquired whether or not she could tell us about her character.

David requested me to be on this one and I was so excited because I LOVED working with him on Lights Out, so the chance to work with him again… HELL YEAH! I said yes to the job without even knowing anything about my character, not even her name, but let’s just say I share a connection with the name Mullins and that this was some form of serendipity! Annabelle 2 has been lots of fun! I love playing evil. Certain things about my character do remind me of Diana, but Mrs. Mullins is DEFINITELY different and I’m really excited to see where she goes.

David F. Sandberg directed Lights Out from a screenplay by Eric Heisserer, based on Sandberg’s own short film. James Wan produced alongside Lawrence Grey, Eric Heisserer, and executive producers Walter Hamada, Dave Neustadter, Richard Brener, Michael Clear, Jack Murray, and Ben Everard.

For more info visit the official Lights Out website, “like” Lights Out on Facebook, and follow Lights Out on Twitter and Lights Out on Instagram.

From producer James Wan (The Conjuring) and Lawrence Grey’s Grey Matter comes a tale of an unknown terror that lurks in the dark. When Rebecca left home, she thought she left her childhood fears behind. Growing up, she was never really sure of what was and wasn’t real when the lights went out… and now her little brother, Martin, is experiencing the same unexplained and terrifying events that had once tested her sanity and threatened her safety.

A frightening entity with a mysterious attachment to their mother, Sophie, has reemerged. But this time, as Rebecca gets closer to unlocking the truth, there is no denying that all their lives are in danger… once the lights go out.

Lights Out


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Director Brian Taylor Introduces Us to Mom & Dad



Director Brian Taylor was more than kind enough to sit down with us for a few minutes to discuss his latest film, Mom & Dad starring Nicolas Cage and Selma Blair. This parental-units gone mad flick has already had it’s share of buzz during its release back on January 19th, and with a DVD and Blu-ray street date of February 20th, this is sure to be one film that will define the term “smothering parenting.” Read on and enjoy this little dive into paternal and maternal madness!

DC: Brian – let’s start off by having you give us a brief synopsis of the film, as well as where in the deep recesses of your mind did you manage to come up with an idea such as this?

BT: Well, the germination of the idea is pretty straightforward – I am a parent, so I think it’s something we can all relate to, and I will say that when I told my son about the idea of what the film was about, he looked at me as if I was insane. The movie is like one of those “one fine day” films…One fine day, in the world, the birds are singing and the sprinklers are happily watering away on millions of lawns, some phenomenon happens, and it’s never explained why or how, but it’s just a thing that everyone needs to react to. Simultaneously, all across the country – maybe all across the world, all the parents turn on their own children in a homicidal rage, and they don’t attack anyone else’s children – only their own. In the movie we follow two kids who have to survive 24 hours in the house they grew up in to avoid killing (or being killed) by the two people they love most in the world, and are supposed to love them the most in the world.

DC: Without giving away any spoilers, is this something that could have a continuation piece attached to it in the future?

BT: Well the way it works is if people love this story, we’re more than happy to give it to them, so let’s see how it goes (laughs).

DC: With you having worked with Nicolas Cage in the past, and knowing of his capabilities, was this an instance of you saying “here you go, have at it,” or was there a bit more direction in the process?

BT: Directing Nicolas is understanding that he’s not like other actors – first of all, he’s one of the most professional actors that you will ever encounter. This is a guy that may seem to be unhinged, over-the-top and crazy when you watch some of the stuff he’s done, but I assure you that he’s an actor of incredible precision and everything he does is under control and well thought-out, to a level that I think would surprise a lot of people. We did a table read for the film the day before we started shooting, and this is usually a time when the actors break out their pencils and make notes and try different things – he walked in and did the entire movie off-book with full-intensity in front of a packed room – nobody does that. The other actors were in awe, so he’s the real deal, and he’s capable of doing things that other actors wouldn’t even begin to try. It’s like being the visor for Cyclops in X-Men – if the visor comes off, he’s able to shred buildings, so that’s it – you’re basically the visor and the funnel for all that energy that’s potentially destructive.

DC: I’m sure this answer will be somewhat of a foregone conclusion, but I’ll ask anyway – Nicolas was your first choice for this role, correct?

BT: Oh yeah, and you never know how people are going to react to material like this because it’s pretty unorthodox, but I kind of knew that he’d get it. I sent him the script and he got back to me a day later and said “I’m in.” He got the humor and satire and most of all he personalized it on a level that the angst of the lost-soul parents is something he can relate to.

DC: After the release of Mom & Dad, what’s going to be keeping you busy for work?

BT: Right now I’m doing the TV show on SyFy called “Happy” which is based on the Grant Morrison comic book, and it’s completely bananas. I’ve got a few more episodes to finish up the first season, and if we’re picked up for a second season I’ll most likely dive straight into that.


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Fight Zombies and Aliens in Rainbow Six Siege’s Outbreak Mode



Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is about to enter sci-fi horror territory with the launch of the new Outbreak cooperative game mode, which will run from March 6-April 3.

Originally released by Ubisoft back in 2015, most of Rainbow Six Siege’s game modes up until this point had you fighting terrorists, although during the Outbreak event you’ll be facing off against everything from zombies to hulking alien monstrosities. The premise of Outbreak is fairly simple: A spacecraft crashes in the town of Truth or Consequences in New Mexico, unleashing a parasite which mutates the local populace. As a member of the elite Rainbow Six task force, your job is to eliminate the mutated creatures and contain the parasite before it spreads.

If you’re one of the 25 million people who already plays Rainbow Six Siege, you can learn more about the Outbreak event ahead of its launch on the game’s official website.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege: Outbreak Synopsis:
A few days ago, a mysterious space capsule crashed near Truth or Consequences in New Mexico. It turned out to be carrying an exotic parasite, the Apex, which infected the area and turned the town’s populace into monsters. The Quarantine Zone is the only thing keeping it contained, but it will not last for long. If the parasite gets out, it would be a disaster of global proportions. Millions would die. Rainbow’s mission is to enter the devastated town and destroy the parasite’s roots before this happens.


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Interview: Jimmy Hayward Dives Into the Nautical World of Legend of the Seagullmen



Musical supergroups aren’t a new thing. Bad Company, Audioslave, Mad Season, Them Crooked Vultures, Traveling Wilburys… Each of these, plus more, have created incredible music that drew listeners in because of the talent behind each instrument. For those who love such collaborations, I want to introduce you to Legend of the Seagullmen, a new rock group with names that may make your head spin!

Featuring Brent Hinds of Mastodon and Fiend Without a Face, Danny Carey of Tool and Volto, Pete Griffin of Zappa Plays Zappa and Dethklok, David Dreyer, Chris DiGiovanni, Tim Dawson, and Jimmy Hayward (Jonah Hex, Free Birds), Legend of the Seagullmen have just released their self-titled debut album through Dine Alone Records and it’s packed with eight tracks of blistering nautical-themed psychedelic rock. With lyrics focused on “…ship wrecks and giant mutant squid“, Legend of the Seagullmen aimed to create an epic conceptual album and it seems like fans are in agreement!

Today, we’ve got an interview with Hayward about the group’s debut album, how they all got together, and what their inspirations were. You can read it all below.

You can buy the album through the band’s official website and follow them on Facebook.

Dread Central: Let’s start at the beginning. How’d you get to know everyone in Legend of the Seagullmen?

Jimmy Hayward: Danny and I had been jamming for a long time when I did a movie with Brent. He introduced me to the Doctor who had this idea for a nautical western and the rest fell into place. It was very organic and we took our time.

DC: What brought all of you together to start creating music?

JH: Friendship and a shared love of music. We were all working together already so it fell into place around this organizing principle.

DC: Was it always the intention to release an album or did this start off as something just for fun?

JH: I think we knew fairly quickly that we had to record it and make a record but it started out as something we enjoyed doing. We knew we wanted to do something with it whether it was a movie or a record.

DC: The talent on this album is pretty incredible. What do you think Legend of the Seagullmen adds to the metal community?

JH: We don’t know what we add to any community but we know we are making stuff we love and we really hope other people dig. We are already all doing other stuff so we aren’t beholden to any schedule or demands. We just made what we wanted to make and really enjoyed it. We all dig the theme and concept and so it became something we couldn’t deny. If the metal community embraces it then we are stoked but we aren’t sure where we fit in.

DC: Giant sea creature lore is something that horror fans have a lot of love for, thanks to the immediate connotations of H.P. Lovecraft. You’re also known in the horror community for Jonah Hex. So, I gotta ask, were there any horror influences that played a part in the creation of this album?

JH: I think horror influences guide a lot of us. Brent loves ‘The Creature From The Black Lagoon’ and one of my favorite films of all time is Tobe Hooper’s ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’. I love horror pictures. Danny has a huge original painting by Clive Barker hanging over the control room where we record all the guitars and edit. I’d say we love horror and it’s a part of what we do.

DC: I’ve read that you all create pretty much everything in-house, such as merch and visuals. It feels like you’re creating a full package that makes people realize that music is more than just listening to some songs. Can you tell me a bit about the goal of maintaining that kind of control?

JH: Dr, myself and his brother Frank, who does most of our graphic design, work together to maintain a cinematic feel that represents the tone of the guiding concept. It grounds it in the lore and we feel like it’s really important to marry the music with a visual component. In movies I always maintain that sound is half the experience so in our music we feel like a strong visual representation helps tie the whole thing together. The music is very important to us and we feel like the visual component really augments that importance.

DC: What’s the plan going to be for Legend of the Seagullmen? Will there be a tour? Are there some tracks that might make their way onto a second album?

JH: We just played live with Primus and it was really great to realize these tunes in front of an audience. We fully plan to do a lot more and see festivals and short tours in our future. We are many demos into our second album.

DC: If you could tell people one thing before they hit ‘Play’ on the album to help set the proper expectations, what would it be?

JH: The Seagull God King thanks you for your soul.


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Exclusive Clip – Primal Rage

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