First Quarantine 2 Casting News

With [REC] 2 busy kicking the asses of everyone who has watched it, things have been really quiet on the Quarantine 2 front … until now that is! That’s right, kids! The first bit of casting news has come in. Ready to find out who’s down with the sickness?

According to Bloody Disgusting Mercedes Masohn (pictured below; Red Sands) and Josh Cooke (pictured below; “The Closer,” “Numb3rs,” “Dollhouse,” “Scrubs”) will be starring in Sony Screen Gems’ Quarantine 2, their direct-to-disc sequel now filming in the Los Angeles area.

If you haven’t heard already, director John Pogue (The Skulls series for Universal, Ghost Ship) was tapped by Sony to write and direct the upcoming sequel, which will move the infected action from a doomed tenement building to a bustling airport.

Look for more on this one really soon!

First Quarantine 2 Casting News: Mercedes Masohn and Josh Cooke

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  • gayhorrorgeek37

    I have yet to find anyone who can explain to me why [REC] was SO MUCH better than Quarantine. Yes, [REC] came first so therefore, orginality prevails. But, in execution, they were both great! I don’t get it. This isn’t a question of opinion here–WHY is one better than the other?

    • FireRam

      I am not a horror writer and will probably miss a few points or possibly not be able to express my thoughts correctly but I’ll step up to the plate and give you MY opinion/answer.
      First,obviously how an individual feels about one or the other is their “preference”.It really is a matter of opinion but there are a few factual differences we can compare. Until Judge Judy proclaims [REC] the better film and it becomes fact,lol,it’s a matter of opinion/preference.For instance I really don’t think they are both great. [REC] was fucking great while Quarantine was “ok”. One is suited more to an individuals taste than the other. I have already seen {REC]2 which kicked serious ass and helped boost my preference of [REC] over Quarantine.I have no doubt this Quarantine will be a tamed down,watered down version,since the first Quarantine was from the original [REC],and [REC]2 is more brutal than even [REC]. Also,the US studios I guess thought making a rabies outbreak (dumb I think) was better for us as an audience than making it about what the original [REC] was….posession(demonic). Quarantine is dumbed down,evades(won’t address) the religious aspects, and although my memory of [REC] has faded some,[REC]2 is just more in your face,more gore (not that that is needed or the only reason why) I myself feel [REC] is better,just more raw to sum it up.And YES,[REC] was FIRST,and an original idea. Quarantine is a weak,tamed,watered down copy.

      • gayhorrorgeek37

        I guess I preferred the idea that it was simply about a rabies outbreak and what might happen if a group of people were trapped together. I liked [REC]2, but I thought the whole ability to see something with the night vision was silly. Plus, there was some bad CGI in there.

        • The Woman In Black

          I’m pretty much with you on Quarantine vs. REC. I didn’t think REC was THAT much better and really enjoyed them both for what they were. REC2, though, I think is head and shoulders above both of them. Loved it. Although it bothered the hell out of me that no one wore gloves or really did much to protect themselves.

  • Vanvance1

    I’ll agree with the majority here. I don’t have a problem with the Spanish sub titles, especially as I’m supposed to be learning Spanish anyway.

  • Cash Bailey


  • FireRam

    Quarantine paled in comparison to [REC]. [REC]2 fucking kicks ass. No way this will be anywhere near how fucking kick ass[REC]2 is. I’ll stick with the [REC] franchise since there are two more films on the way.

    Oh yeah,add what Cash said also!! LOL