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Dread Central updates!

In less than 3 months Dread Central will be celebrating its 1-year anniversary online as our own, independent entity. Kinda weird to think that almost a year has passed already, especially considering all we’ve done in the past 9 months.

One thing we’ve been bugging our Webmaster, value (or Jon Condit for those who prefer “real” names), for since the redesign (and by “bug” I mean we pestered him almost every day) was a workable search function. You might remember the one we had in the old layout was equivalent to typing in the word “the” on Google in the hopes of getting an article about Benjamin Franklin.

Well, the man has finally come through in a big way thanks to the help of our silent-but-deadly Jedi, KW, and I’m happy to report that we now have a very accurate, very efficient search function (to the right of the “DC Info” button link at the top, which also finally has info), which will make it that much easier for you to find any ole story you may be wondering about. It’s going to also be added to the boards and other features soon, so be on the lookout!

But that’s not the only badass thing we’ve accomplished this week, oh no sir. After weeks of beating my head against a brick wall of confusion, circling the technology like the apes around the monolith, I figured out what geeks all across the ‘net have known how to do for years: podcasting! Finally you can take all the Dinner for Fiends and audio interviews with you wherever you and your iPod go, and we have big plans for new auditory assaults for the very near future as well!

Click here to subscribe to the Dread Central Podcast if you have iTunes on your PC or Mac! You can also subscribe directly through Podcast Alley by clicking here! Be sure to vote for us while you’re there, too; it takes five seconds and could make a huge difference for us!

The DC Podcast will be on iTunes in the next month or so, but these things take time to propagate for whatever reason so that’s the quickest way to get it right now! We’ll let you know when we’re officially on iTunes, but don’t wait; get the Dread Central Podcast today!

Johnny Butane

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