Nu Image Plans New Terror Train

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Terror Train remake plannedI have to say of all the remakes being bandied about in Hollywood at the present time, this one is least offensive to my personal tastes. Of course that could have something to do with the fact that I’ve seen the original Terror Train once and remember virtually nothing about it.

Nu Image announced today, via The Hollywood Reporter, that they are mounting a remake of the 1980 Jamie Lee Curtis starrer, which was originally helmed by the multi-faceted Roger Spottiswoode of The 6th Day fame. This time out it will be Killing Floor director Gideon Raff in the canvas chair, with some slight modifications to the plot.

The original focused on a masked killer enacting his revenge on a group of college kids currently throwing a New Year’s Eve party on a train for a prank gone wrong years earlier. This time out it will focus on a gathering of American athletes who find themselves on a very dangerous train in Europe.

No word on if the iconic conductor mask will return for this redux, but we can hope!

Johnny Butane

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