Happy Town Gets the Axe a Second Time

You know, it wasn’t enough that ABC had to nix Happy Town before it even had a chance, but now they’re pulling the remaining episodes off the air again so those of us hoping to learn just a little more about the Magic Man are shit out of luck until sometime in July.

The good folks over at THR’s The Live Feed are reporting that things aren’t so happy in Haplin, MN:

Poor “Happy Town.” First the under-performing ABC mystery drama was yanked off the schedule right after the start of its midseason run. Now it’s being dragged off the network’s summer lineup too, where it was being burned off on Wednesday nights. The show will be removed from the schedule, where it drew about 2.2 million viewers and a 0.6 adult demo rating this week (Jimmy Kimmel’s “Twilight” special and “Castle” repeats will air instead). The final two episodes will air on a Saturday night in July. But that’s it, “Happy Town,” that’s your last chance.

Happy Town – Television Trailer
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I really liked this show, and while it wasn’t great, I was hoping to see it have the opportunity to find its footing.


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  • kiddcapone

    FUCKING PRICKS !!!!!!!!!!!! Would it really kill them to air the last 2 fucking episodes? Really? With all the shit they have on that fucking ridiculous asshole channel. Fuck ABC! I will NEVER EVER EVER EVER AGAIN watch another continuing storyline show on ABC….EVER. Fuck them up their retarded asses. 2.2 million viewers ARE WATCHING, so let’s bone them over and roll the dice that idiots out there would rather watch Jimmy Kimmel and reruns of other shitty shows like Castle. Motherfuck them. This is why I rarely give network shows the time of day. They pull this bullshit all the time.

    • Uncle Creepy

      Kidd, relax. Did you read the story through? It says “the final two episodes will air on a Saturday night in July.”

      • kiddcapone

        No, I read it. I get it. I just think it’s total bullshit. They jerked the show around since day one. I don’t follow many shows, virtually none on network tv. Just imagine if Showtime pulled this shit with season one of Dexter. They cancelled the show after 2 episodes, then prempt episodes to show reruns of Nurse Jackie all throughout the season killing whatever momentum was starting, and then RIGHT before they reveal who is the Ice Truck Killer, then decide to show the final two shows on a different night, several weeks in the future, and you have no idea when or if your Tivo will even pick it up. It’s just fucking ridiculous.

        I don’t mean to rant it’s just frustrating. Fucking ABC then has the nerve to promote The Gates or whatever else it’s called. Why the fuck would I again risk getting interested in something just so they can delay, frustrate, and cancel in the middle something else I look forward to and anticipate each week?

    • FireRam

      LOL……………………….Rant Fail!

      Hahahaha, j/k kidd. I can seriously understand your displeasure. You did remind me of this vid I just watched. He just found out his girlfriend deleted his main WOW character. Apparently he put alot of time and $$$ into it. Don’t know if it’s real or fake, but it IS funny!!


      Abashed the Devil stood and felt how awful goodness is.

  • FireRam

    I watched the first 17 minutes of “The Gates” (courtesy of Dread Central of course). THAT does not look like it will last very long either. Which is ashame, I’d enjoy watching Rhona Mitra every week,but the show looks pretty dumb. I’m not going to watch it because I don’t see it lasting a full season.

    Abashed the Devil stood and felt how awful goodness is.