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#SDCC16: Kong: Skull Island Trailer Roars into Hall H; Tom Hiddleston Talks ‘Epic Shoot’



skull island poster - #SDCC16: Kong: Skull Island Trailer Roars into Hall H; Tom Hiddleston Talks 'Epic Shoot'

Of all the cool things to see and do at the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con, horror fans have been focused on today’s Warner Bros. Hall H presentation, which promised the first trailer for Kong: Skull Island.  It has come, and it’s a thing of beauty.

Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, John Goodman, Samuel L. Jackson, Tom Wilkinson, John C. Reilly, Toby Kebbell, Will Brittain, Thomas Mann, Jason Mitchell, Corey Hawkins, John Ortiz, Eugene Cordero, and Shea Whigham star.

Jordan Vogt-Roberts directed from a script by John Gatins and Max Borenstein. Producing are Legendary’s John Jashni and Thomas Tull as well as Mary Parent.  Kong: Skull Island will hit theaters on March 10, 2017.

Hiddleston chatted with Deadline prior to the panel, who asked what it was like shooting the film. He enthused, “I loved making Kong: Skull Island. It was a completely unique experience. Chiefly, I think, because it felt like such as heavyweight cast. There’s so many people from so many different backgrounds and with so many different skill sets. And we traveled to these extraordinary locations to the ends of the Earth where nature is at its most beautiful and terrifying. And that was, I think, the genius of Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ pitch was an encouragement to shoot in real places and to make Skull Island out of parts of our planet that are absolutely breathtaking and remote. Where you could believe that Kong as a myth could originate. And the other thing to say about it is that part of his original idea was that he wanted to set it in the ’70s.”

The timeframe was important “because it was a world where technology is not what it is now and… perhaps mankind might believe there were mysteries in the South Pacific that were still unsolved. There’s an organization in the film called Landsat, which uses satellite technology that we’re all now familiar with, with applications like Google Earth. Skull Island takes place at the very, very early development of that technology. So, the Western governments are already trying to put together, as it were, a God’s eye view of the Earth and there is one place they can’t quite figure out. They send a crew of soldiers and scientists to check it out — and well, the rest remains to be seen. But it was such an epic shoot and I know from the stuff I’ve already seen and the experience of doing it that you really feel the vividness of it. I think, you will really feel how this was not shot on a soundstage, how this was shot in the jungles and the volcanic valleys of Hawaii, Australian, and Vietnam.”

Kong: Skull Island reimagines the origin of the mythic Kong in a compelling, original adventure from director Jordan Vogt-Roberts. A diverse team of explorers is brought together to venture deep into an uncharted island in the Pacific—as beautiful as it is treacherous—unaware that they’re crossing into the domain of the mythic Kong.

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