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#SDCC16: iZombie Panel Offers a Recap of Season 2 and Teasers for Season 3



izombie genericbanner - #SDCC16: iZombie Panel Offers a Recap of Season 2 and Teasers for Season 3

With “iZombie” not returning to the airwaves until midseason, we weren’t sure if they’d even come to this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, but there was a panel for the show in which quite a few tidbits were teased for the upcoming Season 3.  We have the highlights for you here courtesy of Indiewire along with the Season 2 recap video that was shown at SDCC.

In the casting realm, Aly Michalka, who plays Peyton, has been upped to series regular; and as for guest stars, Robert Knepper (Blaine’s dad, Angus) will return in the first episode back. He’ll be frozen in the Shady Plots basement. Other returning guest stars include Daran Norris as Johnny Frost and Ken Marino as Brandt Stone. As for Mr. Boss (Eddie Jemison), he’s not dead, but we won’t see him until later on. There’s no word on whether we’ll see the suicidal zombie Natalie (Uma Voss) again, but Major hasn’t forgotten her. “He made a promise to her that he did not keep, and he wants to keep that,” exec producer Rob Thomas said.

There will be a “Law & Order” type scenario in which Liv and Clive will solve a case one week, and then Peyton will prosecute the case, which has “more to it than it seems,” the next week.

We’ll learn more about Ravi as a little bit of his past will walk right into the morgue. As for present-day Ravi, he and Blaine will still be vying for Peyton’s affections.

Don’t expect Clive to explore his undead side… As Malcolm Goodwin said, “If Clive were to turn into a zombie, it’s to save someone else’s life, not save his own life.”

Thomas said that Blaine will “try to put together some of his memories here in Season 3” after taking the second faulty cure. Thomas also added that if Ravi ever does succeed in finding the cure, that would mean the end of the show.

Will Liv side with Vivian Stoll (Andrea Savage) of Fillmore Graves, who wants Liv to join her ranks to make Seattle a city for zombies?  “This is a military operation… but it definitely has a sinister feel about it,” Rose McIver said. “Liv is wising up in her late ’20s… she has a whole lot of people to talk to about it to help make considered decisions.” Despite her hesitation, Vivian will become somewhat of a female zombie mentor to Liv.

While many would like to see Major and Liv work things out, it’s probably not in the cards.  I feel right now that there’s bigger fish to fry,” McIver said, adding,  “Liv’s next romantic interest, whether it’s Major or otherwise, will not be killed off.”

As for what new “personalities” we might see Liv with in Season 3, one will be a dominatrix, and as revealed by Zap2it, in the second episode Liv and Major will be on complementary brains — not the same brain, but brains that have a relationship together,” explained exec producer Diane Ruggiero-Wright. “They eat the brains of a dad and daughter.” Awkward!  Adding insult to injury, “Liv is the dad, and Major is the belligerent teenager. It should be pretty fun.”

“Fun” is “iZombie’s” middle name as far as we’re concerned, and we can’t wait to see what they have cooked up for Season 3. In the meantime, here’s an appetizer for what’s to come.

izombie genericbanner - #SDCC16: iZombie Panel Offers a Recap of Season 2 and Teasers for Season 3





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