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#SDCC16: Godzilla Resurgence Will Be Having Fun in North America Later this Year



Fans of the recent American Godzilla reboot have to wait at least another two years to see him roar again. We won’t have to wait nearly as long to see Toho’s homegrown mon-star roar again on screens in North America. It’s official. Godzilla Resurgence is coming – soon.

Just days after word came out that Toho had successfully sold its epic own reboot of the King of the Monsters to 100 countries comes words of 101. Us. As in, the US.

FUNimation announced at San Diego Comic-Con that they have nabbed distribution rights to Godzilla Resurgence for North, Central, and South America, with plans for a late 2016 North American theatrical release, according to SciFi Japan:

“FUNimation is extremely pleased to be working with Toho to bring Shin-Godzilla [Godzilla Resurgence] to audiences across the Americas. Godzilla became a science fiction icon from the moment Toho brought it to the big screen in 1954. We’re honored to be a part of its rich history.”

You might know FUNimation as the United States distributors of Dragon Ball Z, and most recently they screened both of Toho’s live-action Attack on Titan movies (from the director of Godzilla Resurgence). Whether the new Godzilla will get a full-scale release or more of a scaled back special screening rollout like the Attack on Titan movies remains to be seen.

What can be seen below is the graphic FUNimation posted on Twitter following the big announcement.




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