New Resident Evil Trailers!

A new shot from Resident Evil: Umbrella ChroniclesWell, we promised that you’d get some more information on the upcoming Resident Evil games heading to the Wii this week, and while information from Capcom’s “Gamer’s Day” event yesterday is under a press embargo until later today, in the meantime we have a couple of trailers from Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles and Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition for your pleasure, taken from the Japanese websites for the games.

You might have seen the first trailer for The Umbrella Chronicles already, but the second one is new and looks just as cool. Again, it focuses mostly on the mansion from the original Resident Evil and it’s looking as good as it did in the remake on the GameCube, but gone are the days of pre-rendered backdrops that can’t be interacted with; doors get shot open, stuff in the rooms gets smashed or shot, and things look generally a little more hectic than you’d normally expect for the series.

The Umbrella Chronicles is looking like it’s going to be much more action focused than most games in the series, but it’s certainly the best looking game on the Wii to date and hopefully this lightgun-style shooter will be enough of a new game to keep RE fans ticking over until Resident Evil 5 hits next year.

The trailer for Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition is a different beast altogether. While we do get to see our first video of the Wii version in action (looking as sexy as it ever did), it follows the Wii trailer formula of showing people wearing white in a white room playing the game. It’s more than a little bit kitsch and the kind of thing that only Japan would think to do in a trailer for a videogame.

You won’t learn anything new about the game, but you might find it good for a laugh.

Hopefully we’ll have some more concrete details on how these games play later today when the press embargo ends, so stay tuned!


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