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Promo shot of TV Face director Dean Bull from the press releaseWhat in the hell is TV Face? What kind of title is that, anyway? It really evokes nothing as to what it would be about, unless of course it’s about a guy who has a TV for a face…

Luckily that is not the case, however. What TV Face is, is an interesting experiment in film distribution; a feature film broken up into 39 quick 3-minute snippets that will be downloadable online, with the intention of recapturing the feel of old-school radio dramas with a new technological spin. TV Face is an interesting and creative idea; a pair of filmmaker’s answer to the bullshit that is Hollywood. And we always love supporting that!

So now you know how it will be presented to you, but what is it about? TV Face is about a young man named Mitch, whose only real obsession in life is videotapes. Not DVDs, not laserdiscs, but VHS videotapes, specifically those of the infamous “video nasties”. There is one tape he’s searched for for as long as he can remember and when he finally finds it, he soon discovers there are forces beyond his imagination at work to make sure no one sees this tape … ever. Producer David Britz described it in their press release as “Lost” meets The Evil Dead, if that helps at all.

You can learn more about TV Face by checking out both its official site and MySpace page. We’ll be keeping an eye on this one since it really is a bold and interesting way to release a feature-length film, and I for one want to see how it turns out!

Johnny Butane

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