Lomell’s Manic for Mummies

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Uli Lommel's Mummy ManiacBy the time you finish reading this sentence I do believe Ulli Lommel will have made at least three new films. The man certainly is prolific. The no budget schlockmeister seems to keep churning out quickie movies that Lionsgate can’t release fast enough. I just recently reviewed his Diary of a Cannibal, a movie that I know rank amongst the worst direct-to-DVD movies I’ve ever had the displeasure of sitting through, and even though that one doesn’t even hit DVD shelves until April 24th, Lommel’s Curse of the Zodiac (which I also have a screener of – God help me) hits DVD shelves a few weeks later on May 15th. It looks like Lommel is going to give us a reprieve for June, but not to worry – you’ll only have to wait until July 3rd for him to strike (out) again.

This time it’s the absurdly titled Mummy Maniac. Much to my chagrin it’s not a slasher flick about a knife-wielding mummy. It is, however, a slasher flick about a serial killer that captures his victims and wraps them up like mummies. I’ll give Lommel points for at least coming up with a somewhat creative idea for a change.

Oh, and it’s based on a true story. Yeah, there was a killer in New York dubbed the “mummy maniac” because he wrapped the victim’s face in packing tape. Not exactly the same as dressing victims up like Egyptian mummies, eh, Mr. Lommel?

And how long is Lionsgate going to ride the coattails of a movie Lommel made some 27 years ago? Has the man not made anything in the last quarter century that was good enough to hype his new movies as being from the director of? Apparently not…

Ulli Lommel’s Mummy Maniac will be released on July 3rd. If I may repeat something from my Diary of a Cannibal review, “Shame on Lionsgate! Not just for deceiving potential viewers; shame on Lionsgate for aiding and abetting this talentless crackpot. There are too many more talented filmmakers out there competing for shelf space at Blockbuster while Ulli Lommel keeps getting his utterly worthless crap thrust upon the public. Shame on Lionsgate!”

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