Tanit Phoenix on the Vamps of Lost Boys 3: The Thirst

Tanit Phoenix On the Vamps of Lost Boys 3: The ThirstIn case you’ve been wondering how watered down the vampires of Lost Boys 3: The Thirst might be given the popularity of Twilight and its ilk, recent comments by Tanit Phoenix, one of the film’s co-stars, should put your fears to rest.

In an interview with Moviehole, the gorgeous South African model turned actress had this to say: “What I found very interesting about the Lost Boys script was that it showcases vampires how they really are, blood-sucking and evil, which somewhat dances around the fact that ‘Twilight’ made their vampires seem beautiful, but they really are not.

As for working with Corey Feldman, who is reprising his role as vampire hunter Edgar Frog in the film, Phoenix opined, “Corey is very sweet. He takes his work seriously. But he is just a big kid!” When asked if maybe her character, Gwen Lieber, a wealthy vampire-romance novelist, ends up a little bruised and battered in her dealings with Frog, she laughed and said, “I wanted to play a bad girl, and I finally got my chance, [but] the most physical I got was getting into skimpy outfits.” That should make a lot of people happy!

For more on Tanit’s take on Lost Boys 3: The Thirst as well as her experiences with Luke Goss and Sean Bean in Death Race: Frankenstein Lives, be sure to hit up the above link for the entire interview.

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