Exclusive: Almost Human Is Down With the Sickness for Quarantine 2

Screen Gems and Third Street Pictures announced today that Robert Hall, President of Almost Human Inc., has taken the reins for creating the infected in Quarantine 2, the follow-up to the 2008 hit Quarantine. This marks Hall’s return to the Quarantine franchise as he created the special makeup effects in the first film as well (you can check out his work on the special features of the Quarantine DVD and Blu-ray in the “Dressing the Infected” featurette).

Hall has gained quite a reputation as the go-to guy for creating “the infected” since he recently worked on Breck Eisner’s The Crazies (due on DVD and Blu-ray on June 29th) in addition to his work on the first Quarantine film.

How closely will the effects for the sequel follow Almost Human’s previous work?

John has a fresh approach for the film so we’re working hard together to create some new unique designs while maintaining some continuity with what was established in the first movie,” explained Hall. “But I’m definitely jazzed to be back creating the infected once again for the franchise.

Written and directed by John Pogue, Quarantine 2 follows a group of people as they deal with the outbreak started in the first film, but this time the infection follows them to the airport, which means they’ll have more to deal with than just annoying tourists.

Pogue said, “The first major creative decision I made for the sequel to Quarantine was to get Robert and Almost Human on the project. I was a huge admirer of their work on the first movie. The effects Robert and his team created for the rabid humans and their various stages of infection were uniquely twisted, realistic, and terrifying. I know that Robert’s vision and talent will deliver shocking and inventive makeup designs and effects that can only take the Quarantine franchise to the next level.

With Quarantine 2 currently in pre-production (shooting is slated to begin in June) and his recent project Old Scratch (with a teaser trailer sneaking online last week here) in the works as well, it seems that Hall is keeping himself quite busy on all fronts.

Exclusive: Almost Human Is Down With the Sickness for Quarantine 2
Photo by Josh Huber

Look for more news on Quarantine 2 soon!

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  • ffforgottenx

    Didn’t care too much for Quarantine, I much prefer [REC]’s take on it all, but Almost Human does excellent work. At least we know the FX on Q2 will be good.

    • The Butcher

      It’s not [REC]’s take on it, [REC] is the true film. QUARANTINE is a (far inferior) take on (the far superior) Spanish original.

      I’ll say it loud and proud…FUCK QUARANTINE. Such a steaming pile of crap from a bunch of people who obviously didn’t get why the original was so neat.

      Not to mention, QUARANTINE ripped off MULBERRY ST. and no one noticed.

      I’d rather sit through a Platinum Dunes fest than see this sequel.

      • ffforgottenx

        I completely agree that [REC] is the true film, and I’m fully aware that [REC] was the original. It pisses me off that someone gets writing credits for Quarantine when it is basically a shot for shot remake with a few slight changes. Even most of the dialogue is exactly the same.

        All I meant by their take on it was their view on the outbreak being related to demons and possession, as opposed to something as stupid as rabies. I found [REC] to be superior to Quarantine in every way.

        Good call on the Mulberry St. ripoff though. Never thought of that. Probably because I hated Mulberry St.

      • FireRam

        [REC] was a GREAT movie. Quarantine was weak compared to [REC]. [REC]2 s awesome also. DC reported there will be two more,and I look forward to those!

        My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius,and I approved this message.