More Super 8 Viral Madness! Pick Your Astronaut Name!

Much as he did with Cloverfield, JJ Abrams is embracing viral marketing for his latest feature, Super 8, with a vengeance. Lucky for us there are guys out there online who are willing and able to devote hours of their time figuring it all out.

Super 8 fansite Super 8 News pointed us in the direction of Unfiction’s Super 8 forum, where yet another website (to go along with the previously uncovered has been revealed entitled thanks to a couple of newspaper clippings that were found at the end of the countdown on They were arrived at by typing .PRINT RSCOM8 and hitting “enter” after the 20 lines load up. The only other command that works in the terminal is .REENTER, which prompts you to MOUNT a DEVICE, but it doesn’t appear to go any further at the moment.

The coolest thing about the clippings is that one includes a maze to play with along with a mail-in coupon via which you can pick your own astronaut name. (Click the first image for a bigger version if you want to send in the coupon.) Here’s hoping that’s a valid PO Box they have listed there; otherwise, someone in Minot, North Dakota, is in for a big surprise when they go pick up their mail in a few days!

More Super 8 Viral Madness!  Pick Your Astronaut Name!
More Super 8 Viral Madness!  Pick Your Astronaut Name!

The Unfiction folks also suspect something’s going to happen tomorrow, May 15th, such as possibly the Rocket Poppeteers site going live thanks to several space-related events that occurred on that date in history, specifically:

  • May 15, 1958 – The Soviet Union launches Sputnik 3.
  • May 15, 1960 – The Soviet Union launches Sputnik 4.
  • May 15, 1963 – Project Mercury: The launch of the final Mercury mission, Mercury-Atlas 9 with astronaut L. Gordon Cooper on board. He becomes the first American to spend more than a day in space.
  • As some of you may recall, Cooper is known for claiming to have seen UFOs at several times during his career so there’s that connection.

    Man, some people really do have a lot of time on their hands! God bless ’em, and keep it here for more Super 8 shenanigans as they come!

    Uncle Creepy

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    • RingoJ

      I’ll have to try this later.

    • FireRam

      Screw it lol. I just blew it up,printed it ,and I am going to mail it in also.

      My astronaut name: Astrorham Lezbshex

      My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius,and I approved this message.

    • Chainsaw

      Welp, looks like I got my new summer obsession, right there with the FLYNN LIVES campaign.

      I’m also sending out my coupon tomorrow. Hopefully, they won’t just send it back.

      • The Woman In Black

        I sent mine in. Can’t wait to see if I get anything back.

    • Terminal

      I fucking love this shit. I know it’s a waste of time and meaningless, but about every hobby in the world is.
      “We are bad guys. That means we’ve got more to do other than bullying companies. It’s fun to lead a bad man’s life.”